Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-03-006
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Maintainer: Minutes taken by S. Bradner.
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Fred Baker (Chair)
Steve Crocker
Latif Ladid
Pindar Wong
Lynn St. Amour (President)
Lynn DuVal – ISOC Dir. of Finance
Scott Bradner (Secretary)

Apologies were received from Kees Neggers and Glenn Ricart.

The ISOC ExCom met from 10:00am to 12:05 pm (EDT) August 20, 2003 via conference call.

I. Financial Update, including .org funding status
Lynn reviewed the financial update report that was sent to extended board on August 19. Lynn noted that ISOC will need to undertake a new fundraising effort to augment the fund for the Postel award and any other award program that the ISOC may initiate in the future. She reported that she expects to meet the budget that was approved by the board.

Lynn reported that there were ongoing discussions with PIR on resolving the remaining details of ISOC’s role in .org project funding.

II. Governance – possible reduction in size of Board
Fred initiated a discussion on possibly reducing the size of the board to make it more efficient. One easy path to do this would be to reduce the number of people selected by each group by one.

The ExCom discussed what an optimal size of a board for an origination of the size, budget and goals of ISOC might be. There was a feeling that it was a balance between the size of the board and the quality of the individuals on the board not necessarily the absolute size but that the current board size may be too large. It was also suggested that the board clearly describe the expectations that will be placed on board members. It was pointed out that starting a new class of professional membership would need to be taken into account in any solution.

III. IETF discussion (RFC Editor, etc.)
Lynn reviewed the ISOC/IETF relationship and arrangements for the new ExCom members. She also reported, as the IETF Chair had done in the recent ISOC board meeting, that the IETF was under some financial strain. Lynn reported that a small group of people, including IETF people and ISOC people, have started looking into the issues with the aim to propose a direction.

IV. PIR Board Appointment process
Lynn reminded the ExCom that the current PIR board terms expire at the end of October since it was an interim board. Thus, a process needs to be in place to select a new board soon. The process will need to select seven board members with different length terms to wind up with board members with staggered terms. It was noted that some of the current board members may be interested in being considered for new terms. The feeling was expressed that the existing PIR board has done an excellent job and that should be recognized in some way. Latif, who was asked by the board to lead the process, will soon propose a selection process.

V. ISOC Elections committee chair
Since Margaret Wasserman had to decline the role of ISOC elections chair another person has to be selected. The ExCom discussed possibilities with the limitation that the elections chair must be a board member. Fred will approach possible candidates.

VI. IETF NomComm chair
The ExCom discussed the selection of the chair of the IETF nominations committee. The ExCom supported the suggestion of the IETF and IAB chairs that the ISOC president appoint Rich Draves chair of the IETF NomCom.

The ExCom also discussed selecting an ISOC liaison to the IETF NomCom. Lynn will approach possible candidates.

Lynn brought up the strategic planning process that she kicked off before the last board meeting. She reported that she would restart that process in the next two weeks.

All Board Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting (20 August 2003)