Date: 2002.05.02
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-02-004
Maintainer: Minutes taken by Christian Huitema.
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Brian Carpenter
Rosa Delgado
Latif Ladid
Kees Neggers
Lynn St.Amour
Mike Conn
Robert Vaughan
David Maher
Christian Huitema
Lynn DuVal

We welcome Lynn DuVal, who is scheduled to replace Bob Vaughan as “director of finance and administration.”

Audit report
Bob Vaughan and Mike Conn present the state of the audit.

The audit is ongoing and is expected to be completed by the end of May. Results are in line with the year end preview sent by Lynn and Bob in March, and 2001’s results were significantly better than the budget. We will report functional expenses according to a standard model, which is good but will make comparisons with past years difficult.

Kees asked whether we asked auditor’s advice regarding the booking of individual contributions as donations rather than fees. Bob’s response is that this was not an issue for the 2001 financials now under review by the auditors under review by the auditors, but in any case yes, we have asked and received their endorsement verbally. In any case, the members who contribute a donation in 2002 are clearly instructed in the web page that this is a donation.

Financial Update incl. an INET’01 and ’02 update
Cash will be very tight this summer, and we may have to increase accounts payable. The cash flow projection sent two weeks ago is still valid, and an updated cash flow will be sent out in late May/early June.

Lynn had a meeting with Exponova last week. We settled on a 50-50% split of all disputed issues. The invoices should be received in the next two weeks. The final payment for INET’01 will be $72,000, which is slightly less than the $80,000 that we expected.

For INET’02, we have sponsorships committed of $198K to date, against our objective of $330K as expectations of support detailed in the December 2001 Board meeting have not materialized. We hope to meet our objective but need the support of Board members to make it happen.

INET’03 – Lynn asked the Exec-Committee to work with her to set clear objectives for future conferences. A committee will be appointed to develop ISOC’s future conference model and the first meeting will be held during INET’02.

Elections update
The election committee has set discussion lists, which are starting to see some active traffic.

The IETF/IAB has completed its process, but will delay announcement until the formal conclusion of the election period, i.e. 5/31.

In principle, the Exec-Committee agrees to move forward with the board-appointment process, focusing on the fund raising capabilities of the candidates.

BoT preparation
Lynn has proposed a draft resolution to clear up ambiguity in the individual membership area, and it will be circulated to the Board for discussion and voting.

Miscellaneous updates
The organizers of the Latin America workshop, believe that they are not getting much attention from the organizers of INET, that their workshop is not well advertised on either the ISOC or INET web site, and that they are unsure of whether some key participants will be invited to INET. Lynn will ensure that they get sufficient visibility on the web site, and will further investigate their relation with INET.

.Org proposal
This part of the meeting was attended by Brian Carpenter, Latif Ladid, Kees Neggers, Lynn St.Amour, Robert Vaughan, Christian Huitema, Lynn DuVal. We discussed submitting a proposal for the .org registry to ICANN. Any further work on this issue requires a conference call attended by an adequate quorum of the board members. Lynn will organize this call.

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Meeting (02 May 2002)