Date: 2017-02-02
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: Excomm-2017-02
Status: Confirmed
Maintainer: Minutes taken by John Levine.
Access: Unlimited

Kathy Brown (President)
Gonzalo Camarillo (Chair, BoT Chair)
Sean Turner (Treasurer)
John Levine (Secretary)
Hans Peter Dittler
Alice Munyua
Desiree Miloshevic

Also Present:
Kevin Craemer (ISOC staff)

The Executive Committee of the ISOC BoT met on Thursday, 2 February, 2017 from 15:05 to 16:30 UTC via teleconference.

1. Opening Comments
Gonzalo asked if anyone had any conflict of interest with any of the agenda items. Desiree was excused for the PIR item due to conflicts.

2. Approval of 6 October and 18 January meeting minutes
The committee approved the minutes.

3. Online Trust Alliance
Kathy and the committee reviewed discussions with the OTA, and the possibility of joint activities.

4. US travel ban
Kathy and the committee discussed the uncertain state of travel in and out of the US, and possible actions.

5. Internet Hall of Fame and 25th anniversary
USC and UCLA have offered space for events. The committee discussed logistics, and how they might be arranged if an inductee can’t travel to the event.

6. Nairobi meeting
The committee confirmed the dates of the planned meeting in Kenya.

7. Nominating committee
Alice said the Nomcom has chosen slates of nominees, the process has been smooth, and they’re prepared to publish the slates.

Desiree left the meeting.

8. PIR governance
The committee discussed the operation and oversight of PIR.

9. AOB
ISOC has hired a new director of finance, and a director of fundraising.

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Meeting (2 February 2017)