Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-04-010
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Maintainer: Minutes taken by S. Bradner.
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Fred Baker (Chair)
Steve Crocker
Rosa DelGado
Lynn St. Amour (President)
Glenn Ricart
Scott Bradner (Secretary).
Lynn DuVal (ISOC Director of Finance)
Pindar Wong

The ISOC ExCom met from 10:03 am to 12:05 pm (EDT) October 18, 2004 via conference call.

I – PIR Review
Lynn and Glenn reported on the October 15, 2004 PIR board meeting. They reported that the PIR board decided to extend Ed Viltz’s contract for two years. Lynn reminded the ExComm that a number of PIR board slots would be open at the end of the year and that the ISOC needed to review and agree the qualifications to be considered in making the selections. Lynn took the action item to draft an announcement and propose a process. Fred agreed to chair a nominations process.

Lynn discussed the 2004 and 2005 funding projections from PIR. She reported that PIR’s budget included a $1.9m line item for funds to the ISOC to support various projects in line with ISOC’s bid for .ORG. She also said that the allocation of the tax reserve has not yet been fully determined by PIR since PIR needs to determine it’s financial requirements – an amount of $2m was proposed by PIR at a previous PIR board meeting but the budget has not yet been finalized.

II – ExComm
Fred kicked off a discussion of the role of the ExComm. He noted that some ISOC board members had expressed frustration over the role of the ExComm. He said that he had sent a note to the ISOC board to start a discussion on the possibility of revamping the ExComm and starting a monthly board phone call in its place or in addition. The ExComm discussed this idea. Concern was expressed over the effectiveness of such a large conference call. Fred had, in his note, expressed concern over the size and effectiveness of such a call; these concerns were echoed by the ExComm. A suggestion was made to form a few new board committees (that could include non board members) to focus on specific issues (IETF restructuring, PIR, chapters, etc) – these committees would have conference calls as needed and report back to the full board and solicit input from the full board. Lynn noted that the ExComm and its role is mentioned in the ISOC by-laws. Pindar noted that, while we had specific urgent issues (IETF reorganization & PIR), the urgency of rapid response will change over time. The topic was remanded to the board list for further discussion.

III – IETF Admin. Restructuring Update
Lynn reported on a discussion she had with Leslie. Leslie said that the Internet Draft called for in Scenario O was to be submitted by the Internet Drafts cutoff this morning. Leslie expected that there would be discussion on the IETF list and discussion during the upcoming IETF meeting. Lynn discussed the budget implications of the IETF’s request (little changed from the Strategic retreat presentation) and said that there was not yet a firm budget requirement.

IV – Financial Review
Lynn reported that she had sent a financial update to the board yesterday. Rosa also noted the very active chapter list discussions on the allocation of ISOC funding, and she expressed a concern that expectations were not being set appropriately given the discussion at the Strategic Retreat. Lynn said that she would work with staff and chapters to ensure expectations were being set correctly. Lynn was asked to call key members of the chapter community and the Board members who are active in this discussion to ensure an appropriate approach was being followed in line with the Board’s discussion at the Strategic Retreat.

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Meeting (18 October 2004)