Meeting (18 February 2008)

Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excomm-08-01
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Maintainer: Minutes taken by Scott Bradner.
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Daniel Karrenberg
Lynn St.Amour
Glenn Ricart
Franck Martin

Apologies were received from Fred Baker and Desiree Miloshevic.

The Executive Committee of the ISOC BoT met on Monday 18-Feb-2008 1510-1728 UTC by teleconference.

I – Payout for excess vacation time balances
Glenn reported that ISOC’s external auditor had noted that some ISOC employees had carried over excess leave time. Glenn said that the ISOC Audit Committee had recommended that ISOC provide an extraordinary payout of the vacation balance in this case and had requested that the ISOC management review and possibly update their policy to address this issue in the future. The excom discussed and supported the Audit Committee’s recommendations.

II – Compensation Committee
The excom discussed a CEO Compensation Committee. The consensus of the excom was to ask the board to designate the excom as the CEO Compensation Committee at the next annual meeting of the Board. Franck asked where was ISOC in the implementation of a specific budget for the CEO to use to award bonuses to staff. Lynn responded that she had been using discretionary funds but would add a budget line for this in the future.

III – Agenda for the Philadelphia Board meeting.
The excom discussed the proposed agenda for the Philadelphia Board meeting.

IV – Selection of PIR Board members
Glenn asked that the excom decide what process will be followed in the future for selecting PIR board members and who will run the process. Lynn agreed to work with Glenn to develop a proposed process for presentation to the Board in Philadelphia.

V – ISOC IAOC representative
Lynn noted that Fred’s term as the ISOC representative on the IAOC will be up in March and he will be leaving the ISOC board (due to term limits) this summer. She said that the board will need to select someone to fill this role. She noted that the representative did not need to be an ISOC board member.

VI – Membership
Lynn reported that work continues on the Chapter Development Plan and she would provide proposed policy changes if the staff determines changes are needed.

VII – Board and Staff Development
Lynn reported on what is going on in regards to staff development at ISOC. She noted that Bill St.Arnaud had provided some materials on board member self-assessment which could be used by individual board members to evaluate the organization, the board, and their own work on the Board. Daniel suggested that the Board should engage a consultant to engage the board in a discussion on the role of the ISOC Board during the board meeting at which new board members are seated.

VIII – Possible ISOC Board/IESG/IAB joint meeting
Lynn agreed to see if it would be possible to organize a joint ISOC Board/IESG/IAB meeting for the fall.

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Meeting (18 February 2008)