Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-05-003
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Maintainer: Minutes taken by S. Bradner.
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Fred Baker (Chair)
Steve Crocker
Rosa DelGado
Glenn Ricart
Lynn St. Amour (President)
Scott Bradner (Secretary)
Pindar Wong
Lynn DuVal (ISOC Director of Finance)

The ISOC ExCom met from 10:04 am to 11:41am (EDT) April 18, 2005 via conference call.

I – 2004 Financial Update
Lynn reported that the auditors finished their field review a few weeks ago, she expects that she will receive their final report soon. She said that the initial report was in line with what was reported at the March Board meeting and that there were no significant differences to report.

– IAOC update
Steve reported that the IAOC is in full operation with two more people to be added when the IETF nomcom process is finished its work.

He reported that things were moving along.

– Draft trust agreement under discussion with CNRI
Steve reported that the IAOC had received a proposed Trust Agreement from CNRI and that they were in discussions.

– Update on IAD hire
Steve reported that the IAOC were in the process of interviewing candidates for the IAD position.

– PIR Board meeting Update
Glenn reported that the PIR board was being quite active and rigorous. Steve reported that he had met with Larry Martin. Steve said that he felt that the level of understanding of the data in the .org zone file and how that would impact PIR was quite good.

– Joint PIR-ISOC Commitment Committee update
Glenn reported that the Joint PIR-ISOC Commitment Committee had met and that the committee developed a list of what needed to be reviewed. He said that there will be another meeting in a week or two.

– Open PIR Board Seat
Glenn reminded the excomm that there was an open board seat on the PIR board. Steve recommended that the ISOC hold off for a while on filling the seat since the PIR board was working well and that a new person would take a while to get up to speed. The excomm also discussed what qualifications a new PIR board member should have but did not reach a consensus.

IV – May 2005 Board Conference Call – Review Draft Agenda
Lynn suggested that the call only cover 4 topics, the IETF/IASA, PIR, Internet governance, and the chapter role and model.

Glenn suggested that it might be important to discuss ISOC staffing for some of the initiatives. Lynn agreed that this is an important topic – she noted that the job description for the senior policy position had been posted.

Glenn asked about the strategic plan. Lynn said that the time was short on the call and that she and Lyman were going to ask the board if they would support adding an hour to the call or would rather schedule another call.

– Project Funding Proposal
Lynn reported that Jim and David had produced a revised project funding proposal based on the comments they received. She reported that the process had been posted, the project staffing had been selected and the review committee had been constituted. The first deadline for project proposals is May 6th.

– Chapter Activities
Lynn reported that the discussion on the chapter list about the individual members had mostly concluded on the naming of the types of individual members. The excomm discussed the general level of discussion on the chapter list and the role of chapters in ISOC.

– Internet Governance
Lynn reported that she and Rosa were at the UN at the WGIG open meeting. She noted that the WGIG would move to two days of private meetings after the public meeting.

Lynn said that there were a number of comments saying that the countries needed more control over the root servers and address assignment. She indicated that she could not predict how these discussions would turn out as the meeting was still underway. She mentioned that the WGIG final report is due in mid June and that the focus now needed to move to WSIS in preparation for the Tunis meeting.

She also reported that she had handed out copies /of various ISOC papers.

– Elections
Rosa noted that there had been a vigorous discussion on the chapter list about the nomcom process. In response to a question, Rosa said that the nominations period ends on April 30.

Lynn asked how the question of possible changes to the nomcom process should proceed? Fred said that he feels that the right time to discuss the role of the nomcom is during the face-to-face board meeting in Paris. He suggested soliciting proposals for possible changes.

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Meeting (18 April 2005)