Meeting (17 December 1997)

Author(s): Donald M. Heath
Date: 1997.12.17
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 97-018
Revision: 1
Status: Final
Maintainer: D.M. Heath
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Meeting was called to order by ISOC Chair, Frode Greisen at 8:00am ET USA.

Frode Greisen
Scott Bradner
Haruhisa Ishida
George Sadowsky
Donald M. Heath

1. 1998 Budget
New draft budget was presented, without INET’98 numbers. This version shows a surplus of US$70,000. However, further revisions reflecting growth in Individual membership, will raise that surplus.

This adds 82 Organization members as follows: 24 Sustaining Golds, 16 Executive, 12 Principal, 15 Professionals, and 15 Startup in 1998. Total value $1,366,250 added; accrued revenue in 1998 is $661,667 added.

Total value of all accounts at end of 1998 would then be $2,257,833 which is $800,000 more than had been estimated in the analysis described in the monthly “Funding Update” reports which called for an annual recurring revenue base required, of US$1,400,000. Accrued value in 1998 is $1,783,556, but taking 85%, it comes to US$1,516,023. The figure 85% assumes 15% will fall out of the Organization membership for non-payment of annual dues.

Committee requested that based on membership growth resulting from chapter activities and increased income from new individual membership classes, that Individual membership goal needed to be increased to US$225K. Heath will examine what it will take to meet and/or exceed that goal.

Committee stressed the importance of immediately reflecting the already approved additional level of Individual membership on the forms for renewal (and initial) memberships.

Disregarding INET, with no new expenses and with a constant membership income after 1998, this increase in organizational and individual membership could lead to ISOC reserves at 6-9 months’ expenses within three years.

2. INET’98
Work has begun on rebudgeting INET’98 per the board direction at the 13 December 1997 meeting in Washington. Preliminary analysis reflecting 1200 attendees produced a projected deficit of over US$100,000. Several scenarios will be produced with varying levels of attendees, expected sponsorships, and varying registration prices. Preliminary budget models will be distributed earlier, but final will be completed 6 January 1998, for board approval.

Greisen reiterated the necessity to hold the line on expenses and no new commitments until such time as we have resolved the budget process.

3. Certification
A proposal had been submitted to the ISOC board to consider the certification of hotels who conformed to certain telecommunications capabilities of Internet access. It was decided that ISOC should not be in the “certification business.” It would be proper for us to encourage hotels to update their facilities to be customer friendly for Internet access, but not to endorse nor certify them.

In ISOC announcements of conferences where hotels are listed, ISOC should categorize which hotels are “Internet friendly.”

4. Schedule of Next Meetings

14 January 1998
24 February 1998
17 March 1998
14 April 1998
19 May 1998
16 June 1998

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45am ET USA.

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Meeting (17 December 1997)