Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-06-003
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Maintainer: Minutes taken by S. Bradner.
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Fred Baker
Daniel Karrenberg
Franck Martin
Desiree Miloshevic
Lynn St.Amour
Glenn Ricart
Scott Bradner

The ISOC Excomm met from 9:04 am to 10:38 am(EST) October 16, 2006 via conference call.

Minutes taken by Scott Bradner.

0. Agenda Bashing
Daniel asked if anyone wanted to bash the agenda. No one did.

1. Previous Minutes
Daniel requested that the Excomm approve the minutes from the August 21st teleconference for publication. There were no objections.

2. Agenda November Board Meeting
The Excomm discussed Daniel’s proposed agenda for the November board meeting. No changes of substance were proposed. The Excomm agreed to the proposed agenda.

Item Ordering Time CLSD DEC RES EXT
Board Work Plan v 1.0 101:00 y
3 Yr Financial Plan 201:30 yy
2007 Budget 210:30 yy
Major Initiatives 303:00 y
PIR Report and Director 400:45 y yy
Board Size 500:45 (y)
IETF and IAB reports 600:30y
ISOC’s Role in IETF Process 610:30 (y)y
Update from Advisory Council 990:30y
Fin. Options for Maj. Initiativ 990:30
President’s Operational Report 990:30
Chapter Status report from Staff 990:15
Breaks & Slack 1:30
Total 11:45
Allocated 12:00
Available 0:15

Daniel said that he will further develop the order of business taking into account scheduling constraints and that final draft agenda will go out to the board with the briefing book no later than 2 weeks before the meeting.

Desiree suggested that the board create an ongoing board process for the development of agendas for board meetings. The Excomm agreed to a process where Daniel maintains a proposed agenda for the next board meeting on a web page. Board members should submit proposals for changes or additions to the agenda to Daniel and he will update the web page.

3. Board Work Plan
Desiree said that she supported Daniel’s proposed board work plan. Lynn said that she would work with the ISOC staff to develop a detailed timeline for board meetings and ISOC initiatives for the next few years. Glenn supported that idea and noted that Lynn should consider that the board existed in part to act as a sounding board for her ideas and plans.

In response to a question, Daniel said he envisioned a matrix that listed major topics for the board and the board meetings in which the topics would be discussed. He said that the matrix should also include normal functions such as budget review and approval.

The Excomm discussed using a Wiki to maintain the matrix. Desiree and Glenn suggested that reminders be sent to the board members when significant updates are made in the wiki. Lynn suggested that she make the Communications department responsible for the wiki and for letting board members know when to review it.

Daniel asked the Excomm for ideas of what should be included on the board work plan over the next year to 18 months. Glenn suggested that constructive reviews of each of the ISOC’s main efforts would be helpful. He said that the ISOC needed a clear understanding of the roles of the different groups (for example the Advisory Council and the chapters).

Franck noted that there was currently no way for chapters to report back to the ISOC board. Daniel said that he would ensure that a review of the relationship between itself and its chapters was included on the board work plan.

The Excomm discussed the need to be ready to engage with the IETF as the IETF deals with its role in the world.

The Excomm also talked about the need to develop ways to think about the evolution of the Internet model and the organizations that support it such as ICANN and the RIRs.

Franck suggested that the ISOC needed to work with the IGF. Daniel and Lynn noted that the ISOC staff was actively involved already and the board will be informed if there are major developments with the IGF. Frank suggested that staff publish actively about ISOC’s activities within the IGF for consumption by all parts of ISOC and the general public. The Excomm agreed that this is useful. He also suggested that the ISOC staff check with the Greek chapter for assistance.

The Excomm discussed the need for a board effort to discuss the relationship with the ITU-T.

4. Short Operational Report
Lynn provided a short operational report. She noted that the cash on hand was equal to 7 months operating expenses. She said that revenues were tracking budget quite well both in the .org and organizational member areas. Expenses are running a bit behind because of the delay in bringing some of the new staff on board. She noted that Cisco was donating equipment to the IETF in lieu of its cash platinum donation. Lynn discussed the active job searches. She said that a number of people will be hired by the end of the year and announcements are being made as appropriate and as new hires “allow” given notice periods, etc.

Lynn discussed the budget implications of the RFC Editor RFP. She said that the budget activity was still under way and she noted that the RFC Editor had turned the corner on performance, with the backlog eliminated and processing times improved.

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Meeting (16 October 2006)