Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-05-004
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Maintainer: Minutes taken by S. Bradner.
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Fred Baker (Chair)
Steve Crocker
Rosa DelGado
Glenn Ricart
Lynn St. Amour (President)
Scott Bradner (Secretary)
Lynn DuVal (ISOC Director of Finance)
Pindar Wong

The ISOC ExCom met from 10:13 am to 12:15 pm(EDT) May 15, 2005 via conference call.

I – 2005 Q1 Financial Update
Lynn reviewed the financial report that was sent to the board over the weekend. She reported that the ISOC has a significant positive cash balance representing about 11 months of operations. This is largely due to the one time $1.5 million payment from PIR resulting from PIR being declared non-profit.

Glenn asked for the status of the organizational membership relative to budget. Lynn reported that the Platinum memberships were steady but that the other memberships were running 8% behind budget.

Lynn reported that the IETF expenses have been slower to occur than expected and are currently under budget but that she expected that it was only a delay and that expenses will catch up to budget by the end of the year.

She also reported that expenses for education and training are running 16% behind budget and expenses for policy efforts are running 8% above budget. She said that much of the differences resulted from how staff resources have been allocated in increased support of WSIS/WGIG and increased Chapter support. Lynn said that, overall, the budget was what was expected.

II – Agenda for future board meetings
Lynn reviewed the agenda for the upcoming May 19th, 2005 Board Meeting.

Lynn discussed the agenda item on the relationship with the chapters. She said that the staff was working on a clear description of role of the chapters and members within ISOC in the Strategic Operating Plan (SOP). Lynn said that she felt that there was some confusion over the role stemming from an assumption that the ISOC operates under some type of a constituency model. She and Steve discussed that it was important for everyone to understand that the ISOC does not operate under a constituency model but that we do operate according to our stated purposes and principles to ensure that the Internet remains open and accessible to all.

Lynn also discussed the agenda item concerning the European Chapter Coordination Council (ECC). She said that the purpose of the agenda item was to bring the board up to date on the purpose and status of the ECC so that the board will be in a better position to approve the a charter for the ECC when it is brought forward. Glenn suggested that the board could encourage the ECC to finalize a charter.

III – August 5 – 6, 2005 Board Meeting
Lynn described a high-level structure for the August board meeting. She proposed that there be an AC meeting in the morning then, just after lunch, an IETF update. This would be followed by a short meeting of the old ISOC board. After the old board meeting adjourns a meeting of the new board would start. The first order of business would be to elect officers and staff committees. She said that written reports would be published in advance rather than PowerPoint presentations being presented during the meeting. Steve suggested that formal briefing books with a structured overview section be developed for the board members.

Lynn suggested that the Saturday morning meeting focus on policy (since the WGIG report is due just before the board meeting) followed by a discussion of chapter related topics.

IV – Elections Update
Lynn reported that George Sadowsky has proposed that the elections system be changed so that the last vote by a voter be counted rather than the first one. George suggests this so that voters can take into account discussions by the candidates.

Steve proposed that the board consider holding a strategic discussion about starting a major fundraising activity along the line of a capital campaign. He suggested starting with a special excom phone call to discuss the idea. An ad-hoc call has been scheduled for May 23rd.

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Meeting (16 May 2005)