Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-06-001
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Maintainer: Minutes taken by S. Bradner.
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Fred Baker (Chair)
Steve Crocker
Patrick Vande Walle
Lynn St. Amour (President)
Scott Bradner (Secretary)

Apologies were received from Daniel Karrenberg and Glenn Ricart.

The ISOC ExCom met from 10:13 am to 11:31am (EST) January 16, 2006 via conference call.

I – Financial Review – November and 2005 year end update
Lynn reviewed the financial report that she sent to the board. She said that the P&L is largely in line with the budget including the surplus. The one area of concern is the revenue from the organizational membership, which is down about 30% from the budget. Lynn noted that Cisco had raised its membership level to Platinum and thanked them.

II – Ad-hoc IASA Committee Update
Steve reported that the IASA is rolling along pretty smoothly. He noted that the transition from Foretec to NeuStar Secretariat Services (NSS) took place mid December and that NSS will be running the upcoming IETF meeting in Dallas. He said that work was underway on defining times and locations for future IETF meetings and the relationships with the RFC Editor and IANA.

Steve echoed Lynn’s reminder that today is the 20th anniversary of the IETF and said that there would be a celebration during the Dallas meeting.

III – Ad-hoc PIR Committee Update
Lynn reported that Glenn is setting up an interview for a candidate for the PIR board.

IV – Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Update
Lynn reported that a number of new IGF meetings have now been scheduled and that the ITU has also scheduled some meetings to work on their role in the IGF. She reported that Matthew was developing a plan and supporting materials with our members and other supporting organizations and that he would soon be sending this out to our members, as well as members of the Internet Community.

V – ISOC Board meeting – review proposal
The Excom reviewed the proposed agenda for the upcoming board meeting.

The Excom discussed possible topics for the IETF and IAB sections of the board meeting. Lynn will follow up with Brian.

The Excom also discussed Lynn’s proposal for presentations by the Dutch chapter at the ISOC Board meeting as was done with the French chapter at the Paris meeting, as well as possibilities for the involvement of other local chapters in the board meeting. She will also distribute the draft agenda to the full board.

VI – Misc. Brief Updates: – Whistleblower Policy
Lynn reported that ISOC has proposed a whistleblower policy for ISOC to the Audit Committee. She expects that Glenn (Audit committee chair) will bring it to the full board.

– Record Retention Policy
Lynn reported that ISOC has proposed a financial record retention policy. She expects that Glenn will bring it to the full board and that the policy will be extended in due course to cover all records.

– Audit Committee Update
Lynn (in Glenn’s absence) reported that Glenn has reviewed an engagement letter from our auditors to perform the ISOC annual audit. She said that she and Lynn DuVal had reviewed the agreement and also supported it.

– 2006 Budget Progress report
Lynn reported that the new year was off to an aggressive start and that she was examining ways to kick-start our technical education program in order to maximize our activities in the policy arena.

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Meeting (16 January 2006)