Meeting (16 December 2001)

Date: 2002.12.16
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-02-010
Maintainer: Minutes taken by Christian Huitema.
Access: Unconfirmed

Present to the call:
Fred Baker
Rosa Delgado
Lynn Duval
Christian Huitema
Latif Ladid
Kees Neggers
Glenn Ricart
Lynn StAmour

Toshio Miki

EU coordination
Lynn presents the evolution of the ECC project, which recently conducted an election. 9 chapters participated in the vote, while it seems that 12 chapters were in favor of postponing. Lynn will send a formal letter, stating that they are not formally authorized to operate.

PIR update
Lynn is negotiating the payment of the time she spent on behalf of PIR.

Glenn suggested we charge PIR a “management oversight” fee. Fred, Lynn, and Glenn will continue negotiating with PIR.

ISOC has proposed a lease to PIR; the approval is expected next Wednesday, after negotiation of the final terms.

Cybersecurity Project review
The executive committee reviewed the proposed Cybersecurity Project. The main concern is the risk of “tying” the IETF to a government organization. It should be reasonable to organize this as an activity of ISOC. The first step is to find a volunteer to become the ISOC VP managing the project.

ISOC offices will be closed between 12/24 and 1/2; Lynn will be out from 12/23 to 1/6. Fred will be travelling in January.

March board meeting: the plan of record is to have a four hour meeting on the Sunday before the IETF. We also need to clarify the payment of travel expenses to board members. This has to be resolved before the next board election, as candidates must be aware of what they are signing for.

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Meeting (16 December 2001)