Meeting (15 November 2004)

Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-04-012
Status: Unconfirmed
Maintainer: Minutes taken by S. Bradner.
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Fred Baker (Chair)
Steve Crocker
Rosa DelGado
Glenn Ricart
Lynn St. Amour (President)
Scott Bradner (Secretary).
Lynn DuVal (ISOC Director of Finance)

Apologies were received from Pindar Wong.

The ISOC ExCom met from 10:06 am to 11:46 pm (EST) November 15, 2004 via conference call.

I – Creation of board committees and revision of the ExComm activity.
Lynn reminded the ExComm that the temporary chairs for the new committees had been tasked with producing draft charters for their individual committees at the recent board meeting. The ExComm discussed the empowering of the new committees and the resulting role of the ExComm. The consensus was that the ExComm should only deal with topics that will not be covered by the other committees. The ExComm asked Lynn to get the ExComm mailing list archive opened up going forward to the rest of the board.

II – Scheduling of board meetings.
Following Margaret Wasserman’s suggestion on the board mailing list Lynn suggested that the ISOC face-to-face board meetings in 2005 be held during the spring and winter IETF meetings and the July ICANN meeting. In addition there would be three teleconference meetings. The ExComm decided that we needed two board conference calls before the end of the year to deal with the PIR elections, finalize the committees and approve the budget. The ExComm suggested that Lynn try to schedule a board teleconference on November 23 at 2pm to deal with the PIR elections so that the new PIR board members could join in the upcoming PIR board meeting and that we could also discuss the charters of some of the new committees. The ExComm also asked Lynn to schedule a teleconference in December to approve the budget.

III – Next steps re PIR.
The ExComm discussed some possible candidates for the positions on the PIR board but reached no consensus.

IV – The ISOC budget process.
Glenn suggested that Lynn put together a written version of a draft budget then ask the AC and board members to comment on it. The Budget Committee would take any comments from the AC and board into account in one or more teleconference meetings to prepare a final budget to recommend to the board for approval during a teleconference in December. The ExComm agreed with this plan.

V – Next steps re IETF transition.
Lynn noted that the deadline for comments on the current stage of the IETF reorganization process was today. She asked if anyone on the ExComm felt that there were any show stoppers in the current IETF proposals. No one did. Lynn noted that an update of the document should be published in the next few days and said that she would distribute the draft to the ISOC board. Lynn reported that Fred had told the IESG and IAB that the ISOC board had selected Steve Crocker as its representative to the IETF IASA Transition Team. She also said that she thought that the IESG and IAB representatives would be appointed on November 18th at which point the team would start its work.

VI – Status check on the rest of the territory.
Conferences: Lynn reported that she communicated with the organizers of the Cairo Internet Governance meeting (Tarek Kamel and Christine Arida Clovis) . She expects that they will get back to her in a week or so. She said that the current planning was for a 2 day / 2 track meeting on Internet Governance and Policy. Internet governance: Lynn reported that the WGIG will be meeting in a week with both open and closed sessions. Rosa, Lynn and possibly Desiree are expected to be in attendance.
Chapters: Lynn reported that David and Jim were working on a chapter project review process. ISOC CFO: The ExComm requested that, in light of the increasing workload, Lynn start the process of recruiting a CFO even though the budget that supports the position has not yet been approved.

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Meeting (15 November 2004)