Author(s): D.M. Heath (President/CEO)
Date: 1997.7.15
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 97-014
Revision: 1
Status: Unconfirmed
Maintainer: D.M. Heath
Access: Unrestricted

Frode Greisen
Scott Bradner
George Sadowsky
Haruhisa Ishida
Donald M. Heath

1. Gold Membership Drive
Press release (attached below) discussed and accepted as draft. It will be sent to Trustees and to the companies mentioned therein, for approval. The release will also be passed by other Organization members, giving them the opportunity to participate in the initial sign up.

To date Telstra and MCI have agreed and have been invoiced. The press release should go out when a sufficient number of companies have committed, ideally, all of those mentioned in the release. In any event, target release would be within two weeks.

2. Public Policy
Heath reported he had talked with Roger Cochetti about assuming the Chair of a Public Policy committee (as approved in a previous Executive Committee conference call) and discussed the “charter” attached below. The Executive Committee agreed that public policy is an important issue, but was unsure how to organize the best way to get input to ISOC and to formulate ISOC positions. Roger Cochetti will present some thoughts on how to proceed; it will be then considered by the Executive Committee.

Heath will resubmit background information on Cochetti.

3. Internet Society of Internet Professionals (ISIP)
The Executive Director of this organization contacted ISOC with the proposal to swap Organization memberships. The Exec Comm discussed the possibility and concern was expressed regarding the merits of doing so. ISIP plans to submit a “proposal” in the form of a press release. The Exec Comm will look at that and evaluate whether to proceed or not.

4. Policy Oversight Committee (POC)
ISOC will proceed to ask for nominations from the membership to fill the two POC positions allocated to ISOC. We will plan for nominations over a 60 day period with selection to be completed by October 15, 1997.

Heath will initiate this action immediately.

5. BoT Nominating Committee
Chair for committee will be selected within next month. Ideas for candidates for the Chair should be submitted to Frode Griesen.

6. Audit Committee
Three candidates for the committee will be contacted by Frode to determine willingness to serve. Once established, Heath will send information of responsibilities of an Audit Committee.

7. Elections Committee
Scott Bradner has agreed to be the Chair for the 1998 BoT elections. The Executive Committee noted the excellent work of Scott on the committee for 1997.

8. Financial Status
Cashflow analysis will be redone this week and sent to the BoT for review. It is believed that we will be able to get through the peak needs brought about by INET’97, but that it is a very “tight” period for cash requirements. INET’97 final results are not known, but could prove to be a substantial loss.

9. INET’98
Discussed potential conflict with Terena and Jenc regarding scheduling of conferences in 1998 in Europe. The ISOC position is that we have absolute agreement that they will not hold a conference, under any name, in Europe in 1998. That needs to be enforced. George Sadowsky and Larry Landweber have been pursuing this appropriately.

10. Next BoT Meeting
Meeting will be held in conjunction with the December 1997 IETF meeting, in Washington, DC. BoT members are encouraged to plan their trips so that they may attend the Thursday evening plenary session of the IETF, December 11, 1997 and also earlier parts as appropriate. The BoT meeting will be held December 12 – 13, 1997, Friday and Saturday. Finish, noon, Saturday.

7. Next Call: 25 August 1997 0800 EDT

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Meeting (15 July 1997)