Author(s): Donald M. Heath
Date: 1998.1.14
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 98-01
Status: Draft
Maintainer: D.M. Heath
Access: Unrestricted

Meeting was called to order by ISOC Chair, Frode Greisen at 8:00am ET USA.

Frode Greisen
Scott Bradner
Haruhisa Ishida
George Sadowsky
Donald M. Heath

1. INET’98 Budget
The revised budget was discussed and acknowledged as reasonable relative to historical trends. It was noted that desirable changes, such as adding events which would increase expenses, must not be done unless corresponding revenue can be raised.

Focus on sponsorships and their early confirmation and receipt was stressed.

2. 1998 ISOC Budget
Discussion on budget focused on Organization membership, Individual membership, and INET’98 contribution. Budget reflects an increase in Individual members of about 3,000. This will require specific effort by the chapters as well as programs of recruitment, to achieve. Heath reported that the plan utilized 7 categories of Individual membership:

QualifyingUS$ 12.00

Bradner expressed concern that we may be double counting Individual membership revenue from INET registrations and new Individual members. Heath will investigate.

[Subsequent event – Heath checked and Individual revenue is not being double counted. The INET budget has a line item transfer built in.]

Greisen will send motion to Trustees to accept budget, sent by Heath on 5 January 1998 via email.

3. ICT MoU from DG XIII – European Commission
Heath reported that he had signed the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) MoU from DG XIII of the European Commission. He will send copies to the Trustees when the Commission returns the signed (by them) document.

The MoU allows a closer working relationship with DG XIII and provides benefits to ISOC of information flow, mailings (they will make for us), participation and influence in special round table meetings, perhaps some financial consideration in the form of INET sponsorships and ISOC membership, and we may drop from the MoU at any time with no obligations.

4. APRICOT Sponsorship
APRICOT is an Internet conference in and for the Asian community that has solicited ISOC as a sponsor. The ExComm stated that Heath should decide on an operational basis whether to participate financially or not.

5. Use of Membership Mailing List
Topic of discussion centered on the recent mailing which forwarded an email from a member regarding the difficulties Canadians are experiencing as a result of the ice storm in Ontario and Quebec. Heath reported that the response from our members was overwhelmingly favorable to the gesture. He added that he felt such mailing should be treated carefully so as not to become too frequent and, thus, to be considered “Spamming.”

It was noted that we need to communicate more with our members, but that controversial issues should be passed by the Trustees prior to any mailing.

6. ISOC Thailand
Heath reported on a controversial law is being proposed in Thailand that the local chapter appears to be supporting. In its early drafts, it is counter to the Principles of ISOC. We have asked for clarification from the chapter and are working with them to make sure that they are consistent with our Principles.

In addition, the majority of the chapter executive members and individual members are not ISOC members, contrary to our guidelines. The executive concluded that that chapter should be suspended immediately until it is clear that it is in accordance with ISOC mission and ISOC guidelines for chapters. the executive asks Cerf as VP for Chapters to put a motion to the board for such suspension. Cerf, as VP of Chapters, will be asked to make a recommendation.

In the meantime, a letter to chapter members, former members, and the ISOC-TH Executive Committee (some of whom are not ISOC members), is being prepared, along with a press release, which puts distance between ISOC and the chapter on the issues, and specifically asks them to conform to our Principles.

The letter and press release will be sent to the ISOC ExComm immediately, for approval, prior to release.

7. Rating Systems
Discussions noted that there are benefits and drawbacks to systems of identifying the nature of content on the Internet. The ExComm concluded that ISOC should not take a position on rating systems per se, but that it should advise governments and organizations on the ramifications of such systems to the Internet, as appropriate.

8. Nominating Committee
Sadowsky reported that there have been 27 candidates nominated and that the nominating committee will be issuing its announcement on its slate on 23 January 1998, according to the published schedule.

9. RFC Editor & IETF Protocol Numbers
IT has been suggested that the IANA functions of RFC Editor and the assignment of Protocol Numbers be taken over by the IETF and funded by ISOC. Cost would be US$300,000 per year. ExComm agrees that this should be done and discussed the potential fund raising implications it could cause. It was concluded that it would be better not to initiate a separate fund raising campaign, but rather to add it to the list of ISOC responsibilities when soliciting new (and renewal) Organization members.

10. IANA
Bradner and Heath reported that the US Government would be making an announcement soon which would address their position regarding IANA and issues relative to the DNS. Discussion revolved around the ramifications of that announcement and what its effects may be on the Internet Domain Name System, specifically the IAHC Plan (CORE/POC/PAB).

11. Cubicon
ExComm noted that ISOC does not endorse products or services, though they may provide support as appropriate. Heath will write to the CEO of Cubicon to make it clear that while we may be enthusiastic about their concepts, we can not endorse and should not be pictured as such in any of their announcements.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:02am.

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Meeting (14 January 1998)