Meeting (14 February 2003)

Date: 2003.02.14
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-03-001
Maintainer: Minutes taken by Christian Huitema.
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Present to the call:
Fred Baker
Rosa Delgado
Lynn Duval
Christian Huitema
Toshio Miki
Kees Neggers
Glenn Ricart
Lynn S. Amour

Latif Ladid

2002 Financials
The final version is being completed, and will be sent to the Board soon. A surplus of approx. $80K is anticipated, thanks to Philippe Courtot’s $100K Platinum contribution and the reimbursement by PIR of costs associated with the start-up of PIR. This reimbursement was larger than anticipated (by approx. $50K) due to the delay in signing the contracts with ICANN and the resultant reliance on ISOC staff for much of the start-up activities.

2003 Financials
Cost savings are on target. We have completed the agreement with PIR. ISOC received the .Org endowment from ICANN; Use of the .Org endowment will be decided by PIR.

We were planning PIR to contribute to 3 areas of ISOC activity. PIR has agreed to participate to project support: $200K for standards, $100K for education as a developmental grant to support project development. PIR has not yet agreed to compensate ISOC for using our channels, “outreach service fees”, etc.; they would prefer project based cooperation. The third planned contribution was the financing of “PIR oversight”, which the PIR board continues to discuss; we will continue negotiating a fair compensation for ISOC’s work.

PIR update
PIR is on track to hire a CEO. Work is proceeding.

European Chapters coordination
Initial proposal for ECC was to have a 12 member board, with only 3 elected members and a complex set of nomination rules tied to the EU political organization. The Luxembourg government has withdrawn its funding support; according to Patrick Vander Walle, this was based on budget consideration of the Luxembourg government, and not caused by the discussions inside ISOC-ECC.

Jim and Lynn have been working with European chapters to establish a straightforward MOU between the ECC and ISOC, and to clarify the role of the to-be-established non-profit association.

The executive committee supports the efforts of the ISOC President and the VP of chapters to establish an adequate MOU with the planned ECC, and to speed up the establishment of a properly chartered coordination council. The coordination should be clearly defined as just that, i.e. a coordination of chapters rather than any kind of formal hierarchical layer.

The matter would probably be simpler if the coordination was actually supported by ISOC, than through external sources. For example, ISOC could offer secretarial support from its European office in Geneva.

There was a discussion of the possibility to nominate ISOC vice presidents for the various regions in which we operate. This will be formalized in the coming weeks if appropriate.

Board of trustees agenda
Few comments have been received on the proposed agenda.

NDSS03 completed last week; attendance was slightly larger than last year. The success of that conference certainly benefits ISOC through increased credibility and access to key communities.

Several educational conferences are planned this year, notably in Africa.

Veni Markovski is leading the task force to organize INET 2004.

Elections report
We have only 17 nominees so far. Kees would welcome more nominations. The executive committee suggests asking the board members for the nomination of qualified candidates.

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Meeting (14 February 2003)