Author(s): Donald M. Heath
Date: 1998.4.14
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: 98-023
Status: FINAL
Maintainer: D.M. Heath
Access: Unrestricted

Meeting was called to order by ISOC Chair, Frode Greisen at 8:00am ET USA.

Frode Greisen
Scott Bradner
Vinton G. Cerf
George Sadowsky
Donald M. Heath
Marty Burack

1. INET’98
Burack presented a cash flow analysis and a revenue analysis of the impact of cancelling the INET’98 conference. The result strongly indicates that cancelling would be more costly to ISOC than our most pessimistic financial projections for proceeding.

At the same time, there are compelling reasons to seriously consider changing venue to France. France has indicated a willingness commit to assuring the financial success of the INET conference there – this from both government and responsible industry sectors.

Because of the late date and the relatively recent initiative to consider France, there are several open questions and, perhaps, some unknown obstacles that could still arise. Since there are still some serious open concerns with proceeding in Geneva, the Executive Committee will continue to pursue both options for one more week.

The primary concerns remaining to be fully resolved in Geneva are: to identify and install the technical coordinator for the Network Training Workshop (NTW); close the financial gap in committed sponsorships from the pessimistic to the desired. If this can be accomplished within the week (by 21 April 1998), the Executive Committee would cease examining any other venue change options.

2. Cash Flow Status
Heath reviewed the Cash Flow Report sent to the Trustees dated 10 April 1998. Projections continue to look good, but he noted that we will have significant expenses associated with the INET conference and that all Trustees should continue to be diligent with regard to efforts to identify and recruit additional new Organization members.

3. Fund Status – Organization Membership
Heath reviewed the Funds Status Report sent to the Trustees dated 10 April 1998. This is the report that shows our recurring annual revenue. We are now over the original goal of $1,400,000 by $7,000. Of course, the new goal is $2,000,000.

Heath again pointed out that the goal of 242 Organization members has still not been reached (notwithstanding the earlier financial goal associated with the 242 Organization members has been reached) and that we needed to renew our efforts.

An email will be sent to the Trustee list reminding all to pursue their efforts for identifying and recruiting Organization members.

4. RFC Editor Proposal
ISOC received a proposal from ISI, the organizational home of IANA, requesting funding for the function of the RFC Editor. This is currently being funded by the US government which will cease June 30, 1998. Request asks for approximately $250,000 annually beginning July 1, 1998.

Heath wrote back stating that ISOC was interested and would investigate the matter and that ISOC would respond in 30 days. He has talked to Postel for some clarification and found that some of the budgetary numbers may be soft. Nevertheless, the cost would be somewhere between $200,000 and $250,000 per year.

The sense of the Executive Committee was that ISOC should do this. Heath will send copies of the proposal to the Committee for comments.

It was felt that some of the money for this effort could come from the already budgeted amount of $250,000 targeted for IETF activities. In any event we would use the fact of our involvement in the RFC Editor function in our fund raising efforts.

5. Public Relations Initiative
We have received a proposal (solicited) from an international PR firm to conduct ongoing public relations campaigns for ISOC and for a specific campaign to increase membership – both Individual and Organization.

A copy of the proposal has been sent to Trustee Christine Maxwell, and will be sent to the Executive Committee, for comments.

It has been generally observed that ISOC could benefit from a coordinated approach to public relations.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55am ET USA.

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Meeting (14 April 1998)