Meeting (11 February 2013)

Date: 2013-2-11
Committee: Executive Committee of the Internet Society Board of Trustees
Document: Excomm-13-02
Status: Unconfirmed
Maintainer: Minutes taken by Scott Bradner
Access: Unlimited

Scott Bradner (Secretary)
Narelle Clark
Raul Echeberria
Eva Frolich (BoT Chair)
Jason Livingood (Treasurer)
Lynn St.Amour (President & CEO)
Theresa Swinehart

Also present:
Elizabeth Oluoch (ISOC staff)
Greg Kapfer (ISOC staff)

The Executive Committee of the ISOC BoT met on Monday 11 February, 2013 from 7:01 AM to 8:17 AM US EST by teleconference.

I. Opening Comments
Eva opened the meeting at 7:01 AM. She asked if anyone had any conflict of interest with any of the agenda items. No one indicated any conflict.

II. Approval of the Minutes of the January 14 Exec-Com meeting
The excom approved the minutes as submitted.

III. Reston Office Lease Expansion
The excom discussed a staff proposal to obtain additional space in the building ISOC currently occupies in Reston VA. The excom supported the proposal.

IV. Beijing Concerns Raised
Eva reviewed, and the excom discussed, the discussion on the board list about the upcoming Beijing board meeting.

Raul joined the call at this point.

V. April Board Meeting Schedule and Agenda review
The excom discussed the proposed agenda for the Beijing meetings and made some suggestions.

VI. 2013 Board Meeting Schedule
(a). Confirm Dates for Berlin Board meeting

The excom confirmed that the Berlin Board meeting will be Saturday and Sunday August 3rd and 4th.

The excom also discussed the timing of the end of May board call and agreed to raise the issue on the board list.

(b). Discuss the 3rd 2013 Board meeting

The excom discussed the location and time for the 3rd 2013 Board meeting and agreed to bring the topic to the full Board list.

VII. Non-Recurring PIR Funds Update
Lynn discussed a proposal for a holistic review of ISOC resources for the next 5 years rather than a separate process for specific non-recurring funds from PIR.  The excom agreed with that plan.

VIII. PIR Board Appointment Process
Eva reviewed the status of the process of appointing PIR Board members. The excom reviewed the requirements for the positions and the details of the process.

(a) Key follow-ups from Board retreat

The excom discussed follow-up topics from the Board retreat and the need to develop a CEO job description.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 AM.

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Meeting (11 February 2013)