Meeting (10 December 2014)

Date: 2014-12-10
Committee: Executive Committee of the Board
Document: Excomm-2014-12
Status: Confirmed
Maintainer: Minutes taken by Scott Bradner.
Access: Unlimited

Scott Bradner (Secretary)
Kathy Brown
Dave Farber
Bob Hinden (Chair, Board Chair)
Jason Livingood
Rudi Vansnick

Apologies were received from Narelle Clark.

Also Present:
Kevin Craemer (ISOC staff)

The Executive Committee of the ISOC Board met on Wednesday, 10 December, 2014 from 9:06 PM to 10:34 PM UTC via teleconference.

1. Opening Comments
Bob opened the meeting at 9:06 PM. He asked if anyone had any conflict of interest with any of the agenda items. No one indicated any conflicts.

2. Approve minutes of 8 October Executive Committee call
The minutes were approved.

3. Update on Internet governance developments, including NetMundial Initiative
Kathy reported on various Internet governance developments, including the IGF MAG, WSIS+10, the NetMundial Initiative.

4. Update on plans for 17 December meeting with ICANN leadership
Bob noted that the Dec 17th meeting would include the ICANN & ISOC Board chairs & CEOs, a few members from each board as well as the IETF & IAB chairs and reviewed the general schedule for the meeting.

5. Discussion of Board agenda items for February teleconference and meeting
Bob reviewed proposed schedules for the pre-Singapore and Singapore Board meetings. He said that he expected to spend a large chunk of time during the Singapore Board meeting to engage in a sustained discussion the IANA transition and other Internet governance issues & strategy, rather than just a set of presentations.

6. Status report on ISOC Board nominations
Kevin provided a report on the status of the nomination process for ISOC trustees. He reported that 14 nominations had been received from around the world.

7. Review of timeline, roles and responsibilities for PIR Nomcom
Bob provided a report on the status of the nomination process for PIR trustees. He said that nominations had closed and that there are currently 23 candidates.

8. Dates and location for 2015 Board retreat
Bob said that he and Kathy had discussed the schedule for a Board retreat. The Executive Committee recommended a course grained doodle poll for the first few weeks of September, with the location in Europe somewhere.

9. Review 2016 Board meeting dates and locations
Bob noted that his current thinking was to hold the board meetings as follows:

  • 9-10 April 2016 – Following IETF 95 in Buenos Aires
  • AGM (June-July) – To be determined
  • 5-6 November 2016 – Following ICANN 60 in North America

10. AOB

10.a Chapter AC.
Bob noted that a proposal was in the works for a request for a chapter AC. The Executive Committee discussed a process to follow.

10.b Pre Singapore teleconference
Bob noted that a Doodle poll was in process to set the date & time for a pre Singapore teleconference.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:34 PM.

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Meeting (10 December 2014)