Author(s): Geoff Huston
Date: 2001.5.1
Committee: Executive Committee of BoT
Document: excom-01-003
Status: Rev 2
Maintainer: G. Huston
Access: Unconfirmed

Meeting was called to order by ISOC Chair, Brian Carpenter, at 3:00pm EST USA, on the 30th April 2001.


  • Brian Carpenter
  • Rosa Delgado
  • Geoff Huston
  • Kees Neggers
  • Lynn St Amour
  • Bob Vaughan
  • Mike Conn (Treasurer)
  • Vint Cerf (Call Coordinator)

1. ISOC Finances
The Executive Committee reviewed the February 2001 financial statements and cash flow projections. The overall position was reported as improving, noting a build up n the end of month cash position. In addition, ISOC has received a USD 67,000 payment as the final settlement of the INET’97 conference. Organizational membership revenue has been consistent with budget projects for the early part of 2001, but this has not been sustained for March and April.t this stage organizational recruitment is proceeding at a relatively slow rate.

Expenses are being contained as much as possible a this point. It was noted that the move to new office accommodation in Reston will entail some additional expenditure in June 2001.

Cash Flow end of month projections of cash position are down from earlier projections, due to a combination of staff expenditure, sub-leasing costs and equipment cost anticipated to occur in the period April – June.

2. Activity Review
Standards Follow up with the IAB chair on revision to the IAB Editor contract is in progress, with the revised contract anticipated to be in place in July 2001. The production of a regular commentary on current IETF actions was considered as a valuable initiative within this activity area.

Education and Training This activity sector has an accumulated operating surplus at this point in time, consistent with this period of the year. Some drawn down of this surplus is anticipated as the year progresses.

Membership Organizational membership is slightly behind budget targets at present. Individual membership levels remain relatively constant, as does the individual membership churn rate.

Public Policy No significant expenditure has been incurred in this activity sector to date in 2001.

3. Conferences
A progress report on the INET-2001 conference organization noted that ISOC had achieved 95% of its sponsorship target. Registration levels are currently anticipated to be 800, with a revenue projection of USD 200.000 for ISOC.

The INET’2002 conference is proposed to be a smaller conference, using hotel rather than conference center facilities. A proposal regarding INET’2002 arrangements will be presented to the Board at the June meeting.

4. Trustee Election Update
The vote has been completed and certified as per the election timetable. A challenge to the election has been lodged and additional information is being gathered in order to respond to the challenge.

5. June 2001 Board Meeting
As noted in the previous meeting, the items to be included on the June Board agenda were noted as:

  • CEO’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Vice-President’s Reports, including Individual Membership and Chapter status and Conference status
  • IETF Report
  • ISTF Report
  • Review of External Relationships

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Meeting (01 May 2001)