Meeting (2 November 2023)

Committee Members in Attendance

Audit Committee Chair Luis Martinez, Olufunke Baruwa, Brian Haberman, and Sagarika Wickramasekera.

Committee Members Absent

Victor Kuarsingh.

Internet Society Staff in Attendance

Chief Financial Officer Sae Park, General Counsel Ilona Levine, Accounting Director Sibyl Ketcham, and Board Liaison Lauren Terrell.

Guests in Attendance

BDO National Director, Nonprofit Tax Services, Marc Berger.

Call to Order and Welcome

Mr. Martinez called the meeting to order at 14:00 UTC and welcomed attendees.

Review of the U.S. IRS 2022 Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax) for the Internet Society and Internet Society Foundation

BDO National Director Marc Berger joined the meeting and reviewed the draft Form 990, along with supporting schedules for both the Internet Society and Internet Society Foundation, as provided to the committee in advance of the meeting.

Committee members engaged in discussion with Mr. Berger about various aspects of the Form 990s.

The Audit Committee accepted the Internet Society Form 990 and the Internet Society Foundation Form 990 as presented. The Form 990s will be distributed to the board for review before being filed with the IRS before the 15 November 2023 filing deadline.

Any Other business

No other business was raised.


Mr. Martinez adjourned the meeting at 14:48 UTC.