Meeting (15 June 2023)

Committee Members in Attendance

Audit Committee Chair Luis Martinez, Victor Kuarsingh, and Sagarika Wickramasekera.

Committee Members Absent

Brian Haberman.

Internet Society Staff in Attendance

Chief Financial Officer Sae Park, General Counsel Ilona Levine, Accounting Director in Finance Sibyl Ketcham, and Board Liaison Lauren Terrell.

Guests in Attendance

BDO LLC Audit Engagement Partner Divya Gadre.

Call to Order and Welcome

Mr. Martinez called the meeting to order at 12:05 UTC and welcomed attendees.

Review of the Annual Independent Audit

Ms. Gadre presented Internet Society’s (ISOC’s) Audited Consolidated Financial Statements, which include Internet Society, Public Interest Registry (PIR), IETF Administration, LLC, and Internet Society Foundation. In her presentation, Ms. Gadre reviewed the scope of the audit, the responsibilities of auditors and management, and the audit findings and results. No material weaknesses have been noted, and Ms. Gadre expects to issue an unmodified opinion, representing the highest level of assurance that the statements are free of material misstatement.

At 12:40 UTC, the committee convened in executive session with Ms. Gadre only (no staff present) to receive the auditor’s required communication to the board. Staff rejoined the meeting and Ms. Gadre left the meeting at 12:47 UTC.

In concluding the topic, Ms. Park noted that ISOC had engaged BDO LLC for three years; this audit represents the second year of service, and Ms. Park sought the committee’s agreement to retain BDO LLC for the third year.

Any Other business

No other business was raised.


Mr. Martinez adjourned the meeting at 12:57 UTC.