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Strengthening the Internet 3 March 2021

MANRS Fellowship 2021 Now Open

Adrian Wan
By Adrian WanSenior Policy and Advocacy Manager

The MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) Fellowship Program 2021 is now accepting applications. If you are an emerging leader eager to improve the well-being of the Internet’s global routing system, apply now.

The program gives highly motivated individuals the chance to work alongside MANRS Ambassadors – industry leaders participating in the associated Ambassador Program that invited applications last month (details here).

Together, they will train diverse communities on good routing practices, analyze routing incidents, research into ways to secure routing, and survey the global policy landscape.

You can read about the 13 Fellows in last year’s inaugural program, which proved highly popular. The Internet Society supports this program as part of its work to reduce common routing threats and establish norms for network operations.

You can apply for a MANRS Fellowship in three different areas: training, research, and policy. Each Fellow will receive a stipend of $750 a month. The program will start in mid-April and run for up to eight months. You can apply for more than one category but will only be selected for one of them.

Online Training

Responsible for: Conducting MANRS online tutorial and virtual hands-on workshops, helping improve existing training and workshop content, and working with regional and national operator groups to understand their training requirements.

Requirements: At least two years’ experience, a good understanding of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), and experience in training Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) or community-based organizations.

Commitment: up to 8 months, up to six hours’ work per week.


Responsible for: Maintaining a list of and writing in detail about the latest BGP hijacks, leaks, and bogon announcements; reviewing, testing, and reporting on Network Operating Systems’ implementation of BGP Prefix filtering, SAV, and RPKI.

Requirements: A minimum of four years’ experience, strong English writing skills, and a good understanding of BGP dumps and routing incidents.

Commitment: up to 8 months, up to four hours’ work per week.

Policy analysis

Responsible for: Reviewing and improving all the existing policy documents targeting Internet security, routing security, DDoS, and other issues that MANRS can act on.

Requirements: An understanding of routing and routing security, experience in writing policy documents and working with policy makers or in policy forums.

Commitment: up to 8 months, up to four hours’ work per week.

The deadline for fellowship applications is March 15 (Monday).

Find out more and apply online.

If you have any questions about this program or the application process, email [email protected]

Image by Christina @ via Unsplash

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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