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Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) 14 July 2020

MANRS Welcomes Three New CDN and Cloud Participants

By Andrei RobachevskyFormer Senior Director, Technology Programmes

The MANRS Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Cloud Program continues to grow in numbers and in strength with three new participants.

Hostmein, Verisign, and Vultr have deepened their commitment to strengthening the security and resilience of the Internet’s global routing system. Participants of this program, which launched in March 2020, implement important practices for mitigating common routing security threats.

Joining means committing to taking five mandatory, and one optional, security-strengthening actions. These include preventing propagation of incorrect routing information and traffic with illegitimate source IP addresses, and facilitating global operational communication and coordination. Read the full list of actions.

“MANRS is more an idea than a framework, and it is a tremendous idea,” said Hostmein CTO Alexander Stamatis. “It raises awareness, it raises new checks to be implemented in the industry, and it keeps us more in line with the primary mission: keeping the network clean, keeping it safe.

“[MANRS] is better because it was built by engineers for engineers. We discovered issues no other initiatives could detect.”

“MANRS is the best implementation that we have done to date. We have found it to be more effective than other specialised IT certifications. And it is better because it was built by engineers for engineers. We discovered issues no other certification could detect and those were resolved thanks to MANRS,” he said.

Yong Kim, Verisign’s Vice President of Cyber Strategy and Research, said: “Routing security is of the utmost importance to Verisign’s mission and, as an early participant in the MANRS Network Operator Programme, Verisign remains fully supportive of this initiative and its efforts to promote a culture of collective responsibility, collaboration, and coordination among network peers in the global internet routing system.”

Kim said Verisign endeavors to assist with the development of and follow industry best practices on filtering non-valid and reserved space from its peers, in addition to implementing anti-spoofing controls at all its borders.

Verisign, an organization member of the Internet Society, also maintains up-to-date contact information in the PeeringDB and relevant RIR databases as well as accurate routing information in the Internet Routing Registries (IRRs). “Verisign personnel actively promote MANRS adoption at conferences and industry meetings,” he said.

Tomas Lynch, Senior Network Architect at Vultr said, “Being MANRS compliant is not only good for Vultr, it’s an opportunity for us to help our peering partners improve their security while we contribute to a more resilient and trustworthy Internet for everyone. It requires cooperation to ensure that routing leaks do not cascade into reliability or security issues. MANRS provides the framework for coordinated action.”

“Being MANRS compliant is an opportunity for us to help our peering partners improve their security while we contribute to a more resilient and trustworthy internet for everyone.”

Hostmein, Verisign, and Vultr join eight current participants: Akamai, Amazon Web Services, Azion, Cloudflare, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix, securing large hubs of the Internet from common routing problems.

Would you like to join our ever-growing community of Internet networks committed to improving the resilience and security of the routing infrastructure? They’re helping keep the Internet safe for businesses and consumers alike.

Find out more and join MANRS today.

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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