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About Internet Society 22 August 2018

Until We Meet Again…

By Kathryn BrownFormer President / CEO

As I wrap up my tenure at the the helm of the Internet Society on September 1,  I want to thank each and all of you for your engagement, support and friendship.  The last five years have been exhilarating—getting to know you, learning so much from you and acting together — to make the Internet better.

You have made a critical difference in strengthening and growing the Internet Society. The organization is now over 100 staff strong, serving on every continent but Antarctica.  We have grown to 126 Chapters in 108 countries, with 8 global Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) has joined our organizational membership and we have new and vibrant partnerships with civil society and human rights organizations. The IETF has adopted a new structure to better serve its administration. Our
youth outreach and our engagement with the Internet Hall of Fame honorees and ISOC alumni have allowed us to look to the future as we gain wisdom from those who shaped the Internet and the Internet Society. More policy makers and governmental organizations look to us for our reports, research and expertise allowing for increased dialogue and collaboration at a time when it is so necessary.

Because of your passion and persistence, we have made significant progress in establishing the Internet Society’s presence worldwide — advocating and organizing across the globe for action on the core imperatives of our time — connecting the still unconnected and addressing the clear anxiety around trustworthiness and security online. Together, we have laid a path for the Internet Society to be a leading voice on ensuring an open, globally connected, trustworthy Internet that works for everyone.

I am pleased that Andrew Sullivan has been selected to lead this dedicated, global community knowing that, with his leadership, you will continue to work tirelessly to safeguard the principles that make us the Internet Society. I wish the Board, our new CEO, PIR, the IETF, all of the I* organizations and the entire Internet Society community success in advocating for and advancing the technical, policy and development requirements that protect the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives, and a force for good in society.

The Internet is for Everyone.

With deep gratitude, I wish you a fond adieu!

Editor’s Note: More thoughts and reflections  can be found in our interview with Kathy Brown.

Photo: A visit to a project in Agua Azul, Mexico.

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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