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Internet Governance 24 August 2018

The Internet Society and Global Scribes Work Together to Amplify Young Voices

By Stine PhilipsenAdvisor, Advocacy and Community Mobilization
Joyce DogniezGuest AuthorVice President, Empowerment and Outreach, Internet Society Foundation

On International Youth Day, the Internet Society and Global Scribes partnered to connect youth around the world to let their voices be heard, allowing them to become empowered and engaged global citizens, striving toward a more united and sustainable digital future.

As local and international actors innovate to solve the most pressing issues that we face in the world today, young people are often left out of the equation with little or no participation in important discussions and decision-making processes.

Youth across the world are often overlooked as a potential resource to solving global challenges, such as climate change, migration, health, and unemployment, despite being directly impacted by these issues and having opinions on how to solve them.

This also happens in the Internet ecosystem, where young people often do not have a place at the table when it comes to decisions that shape the Internet’s future.

While youth are recognized as “the future generation” and perceived as key to a more sustainable tomorrow, they are seldom given adequate platforms to let their voices be heard or allow them to contribute to their societies in a meaningful way, in their own right as youth.

Young people are often deprived of the opportunity to serve as catalysts for a more united and sustainable world today, and not merely as potential change agents and future decision-makers once they become adults.

There is a need to acknowledge the potential of youth and provide an enabling environment for them to not only survive, but thrive in society today – and as the leaders of tomorrow.

Global Scribes fosters such an environment of creative expression, innovation, and cross-cultural connections, encouraging youth to share and explore their passions and talents, acquire crucial 21st century skills, and turn aspirations into reality through collaboration with peers from around the globe.

The Internet Society also contributes to building this environment by constantly celebrating and encouraging youth around the world who are taking action and using the Internet as a force for good in society.

Through this partnership, we aim to connect youth around the world and let their voices be heard, allowing them to become empowered and engaged global citizens, striving toward a more united and sustainable digital future.

Together, we ask young people around the world to raise their voice and show the world the remarkable impact they can bring about as young global citizens using the Internet for positive impact. Your voices and actions count.

“We’re building our Global Scribes platform on the Internet to connect youth around the world. Thanks to this platform, we share our dreams and goodwill for a better future. We care about the world and work to raise awareness about important issues. An open and globally-connected Internet is one of our aspirations for the future. By telling our personal stories with the Internet Society about what we do and how we are making a positive change thanks to the Internet, we hope that more people will hear our stories & join us in shaping a better future”

– Emirhan Şimşek, Age 16, Turkey

Are you a passionate young person who thinks you should have a role in shaping the Internet? Learn what you can do at #CountMyVoice and then join Youth SIG!

Young people need a space where they can have a conversation about what they want the Internet to look like. Join Global Scribes!

Photo: Scribers Irfan Kalender (Age 17, Turkey) and Fares Dehbi (Age 18, Morocco/Qatar) at TEDx Waltham 2018 with Global Scribes: Youth Uniting Nations

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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