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Technology 16 July 2018

The Week in Internet News: Startup Finds a Way to Glue Fiber to Roadways

By Grant GrossGuest AuthorTechnology Reporter

Why don’t we glue it in the road? A technology startup has patented a way to integrate broadband fiber to blacktop, reports Motherboard. The patented technique, inspired by dentistry, uses a blend of resins to stick fiber optic cables to roads.

Major spending to fix IoT security: The Internet of Things security market will grow to US$6 billion by 2023, with spending to rise 300 percent between 2018 and 2023, according to Juniper Research. However, poor long-term device support and little fear of ramifications will keep security spending on connected homes lagging behind other markets, the research firm says.

Data breaches cost big bucks: The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, up more than 6 percent from last year, according to a study from IBM and the Ponemon Institute. Compromised organizations took 197 days to identify a breach and an additional 69 days to contain it, reports IT Pro. A data breach cost organizations an average of $148 per lost or stolen record.

AI takes over the world: About three-quarters of all consumers have interacted with artificial intelligence systems, reports A Capgemini survey of 10,000 consumers found, however, that more than half of consumers prefer a mix of AI and humans when they interact with organizations.

AI teams up with monkeys: In addition to selling you stuff, AI is also being used to save wildlife, according to Recycled cell phones are being used to combat deforestation by notifying rangers when they record chainsaw noises, and rangers are using algorithms to provide effective routes for patrols looking for poachers.

Blockchain for your privacy: A California startup is looking to use blockchain technologies to protect the privacy of companies’ customers from insider threats, reports. Oasis Labs’ technology can also enable smart contracts to mediate transactions between different people or companies.

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