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Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) 24 June 2018

Routing Security & IPv6 at NANOG 73 in Denver

By Megan KruseFormer Director, Advocacy and Communications

We’ll be at NANOG 73 in Denver, CO, USA this week talking about routing security, MANRS, and IPv6.

The North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) is the professional association for Internet engineering, architecture and operations. Its core focus is on continuous improvement of the data transmission technologies, practices, and facilities that make the Internet function. NANOG meetings are among the largest in the region, bringing together top technologists on a wide range of topics.

Routing Security

On Tuesday, 26 June, at 1:30PM, Andrei Robachevsky will give a talk called, “Routing Is At Risk. Let’s Secure It Together.”

From the session abstract:

“Stolen cryptocurrency, hijacked traffic blocking access to whole countries, derailing vital Web resources for thousands of people. Routing used to fly under the radar. As long as incidents weren’t too bad, no one asked too many questions, and routing security never made it to the top of the to-do list. But these days, routing incidents are regularly making the news, executives are getting nervous, and engineers are under pressure to make sure their network isn’t next. The problem is, you cannot secure your own network entirely by yourself. But you can help secure the global routing system as a whole. We have a collective responsibility to ensure a secure routing infrastructure. Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security – MANRS – is a global initiative of network operators and IXPs to reduce the most common routing threats. MANRS offers an opportunity for a globally adopted, systemic approach to routing security. This talk will present detailed statistics about what’s happening in the global routing system, and offer ways to leverage the MANRS security baseline and demonstrate commitment to the security and sustainability of the Internet. It will cover recent developments, such as launching the new MANRS IXP Programme, aimed at scaling up the adoption of security practices.”

Other MANRS members are also giving talks about BGP right after this session: Benedikt Rudolph, DE-CIX on “Flowspec for BGP Route Servers at IXPs” and Job Snijders, NTT Communications on “Architecting Robust BGP Routing Policies.”

The Internet Society is also hosting a lunch on Monday, as a chance for MANRS members to get together face to face to talk about issues in routing security, the actions called for in the MANRS initiative, and how to increase participation across the globe.


On the heels of celebrating the 6th anniversary of World IPv6 Launch on 6 June, we’ll also be helping spread the word about the need for IPv6.  The Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force and the other task force groups are sponsoring the Monday afternoon break, and we’ll share our recently updated State of IPv6 Deployment report, the accompanying IPv6 infographic, and we’ll have some fun goodies like IPv6 stickers and t-shirts.

Our core IPv6 recommendations are to:

  1. start deploying IPv6 now if you haven’t already,
  2. use established RFP requirements like RIPE-554: Requirements for IPv6 in ICT Equipment, and
  3. take advantage of existing IPv6 deployment information including the Internet Society’s Deploy360 Program.

Join Us

If you’ll be in Denver, please come say hello and let’s chat about routing security, MANRS, and IPv6!

Photo by Owen CL on Unsplash

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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