Technology 20 February 2018

Busy Week for MANRS, Routing Security, and More at APRICOT 2018

By Aftab SiddiquiSenior Manager, Internet Technology - Asia-Pacific

APRICOT 2018 is underway in in Kathmandu, Nepal, and as usual the Internet Society is an active participant in many areas of Asia Pacific’s largest international Internet conference. The workshops are taking place this week, with the conference happening next week. Here are some of the conference activities where we’ll be.

Routing Security BoF

On Sunday, 25 February, from 18:00 to 19:00 (UTC +05:45), Aftab Siddiqui and Andrei Robachevsky will moderate a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session on routing security. From the abstract, the session will provide a space where “…operators can share their approach in securing their own infrastructure and keeping the internet routing table clean as well. Also, this will provide a platform to review and highlight various BCOP documents to address routing security.” The Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) initiative is a key piece of the routing security puzzle.

Tech Girls Social

On Monday, 26 February, from 13:00 to 14:00 (UTC +05:45), Salam Yamout will be speaking at the Tech Girls Social. This session provides a space for APRICOT participants to talk and network in an open, friendly environment. The event is open to ANYONE who is interested and is not restricted to women. It is an opportunity to get to know other participants outside technical- or work-focused discussions.

Cross-region Resource Management

Also on Monday, 26 February, from 14:30 to 16:00 (UTC +05:45), Aftab will join be a panelist in the “Cross-region Resource Management” session. This session will address resource custodianship and panelists will debate the issues and best practices that can help provide solutions, including BGPSec, RPKI, MANRS, and more.

Routing Security in 2017: We can do better!

On Tuesday, 27 February, from 09:30 to 11:00 (UTC +05:45), Andrei will present during the Security 1 session on “Routing Security in 2017: We can do better!” From the session abstract: In 2017, not a single day passed without an incident. While none of the incidents was catastrophic, all of them continue to demonstrate the lack of routing controls like those called for in MANRS that could have prevented them from happening.”


Later on Tuesday, 27 February, from 18:00 to 19:00 (UTC +05:45), The Internet Society Nepal Chapter is hosting an ISOC@APRICOT meeting where members, chapter leaders and community members will discuss ISOC’s 2018 work objectives and broader Internet related issues.

Other Meetings and Topics

APRICOT is a unique gathering place for organizations from across Asia Pacific to meet and discuss current activities, best practices, and needs. We’ll be participating in a series of side meetings related to ISP Associations, IXPs, and policy-related events such as the ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC).

APRICOT is also full of workshops and sessions on IPv6, DNSSEC, the Internet of Things, Internet Governance, and more topics of interest, so we encourage you to check out the full agenda.

Watch Live, or Come Join Us

Most of the sessions will be broadcast live (on YouTube and Adobe Connect). Information will be updated on the APRICOT Webcast page as it is available.

As you can tell, there’s a lot going on over the next two weeks in Nepal. If you’ll be there, please come look for us to say hello or let us know what’s on your mind. You can also follow along via social media with #APRICOT2018.

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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