Deploy360 9 October 2017

Deploy360 @ ENOG 14

By Kevin MeynellFormer Senior Manager, Technical and Operational Engagement

Our colleague Jan Žorž from the Deploy360 team will be presenting at the 14th Eurasia Network Operators Groups (ENOG 14) on 9-10 October 2017 in Minsk, Belarus. This is being preceded by workshops on Best Practices in IPv6 BGP and DNSSEC Operations.

Jan will be talking about his real life experiences with NAT64/DNS64 and will be demonstrating the NAT64check tool on Monday evening (17.00-18.15). Following after his talk is a BoF on the Internet-of-Things (18.30-19.30), which is also sure to include discussions about the importance of IPv6 to scale the expected many billions of devices in future.

We’d also like to highlight the Cloudflare update on IPv6, DNS, DNSSEC, CA certs from Martin Levy (Cloudflare) on the Tuesday (10.00-11.30), who seems to be managing to cover just about all the Deploy360 topics in one talk. And for routing security, Kirill Malevanov, (Selectel) will be discussing his experiences of IPv4 prefix hijacking.

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