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About Internet Society 14 September 2017

Welcome to the new Internet Society website!

James Wood
By James WoodHead of Content

It’s my enormous pleasure to welcome you to the new Internet Society website.

The completely new-look, new-feel website is a far cry from our old site. Many months in the making, it’s been designed and built with some key attributes in mind. We’ve simplified and improved the structure to make things easier to find. It highlights the issues we work on and shows the news and resources you need in those areas. We’ve made the site mobile friendly and accessible to accepted standards. We’ve also introduced a cleaner design containing more graphics and more visual components to bring our content to life.

We’ve consolidated pages where it makes sense to do so to provide a sleeker, more streamlined experience. We’ve made it easier to find information about what we do regionally and around the world. Importantly, “Take Action” is now prominent throughout the site to help you understand what you can do to support our work and shape the future of the Internet.

What’s more, we’re doing all this in three languages – English, French and Spanish!

Everything about the site is different, and – I hope you agree – refreshing. It delivers an engaging experience and draws attention to our community and our work in a totally new way.

It also delivers on some important strategic objectives that have been at the heart of this effort from the beginning.

As an organization that represents the global Internet, our website is a crucial part of how we use the Internet, for the Internet. It is a key interface for how we engage and spread our message. We wanted to create a website fit for our global community; one that appeals to the new people we want to reach, and that gives us global presence. With these goals in mind, we have worked to build a website that reflects our energy, our commitment to the Internet and the beliefs and values that define us.

Our website is perhaps the single most important means by which we create a perception of the Internet Society online. Our new site is an ambassador for who we are. My hope is that it will play a defining role in aligning more people with our mission and encouraging them to get involved in our work.

Today’s launch is the culmination of many months of work by a dedicated team of people from across the Internet Society and beyond. This is an opportunity for me to thank and congratulate those involved, with special mentions to the Internet Society Website Advisory Team for their input, to Dan York and Malisa Haley for spearheading the project and to our key design and development partners, Moving Brands and ATTCK, for their professionalism and quality of work throughout.

Even though we may be launching today, there will be more work to do as we move forward. For example, there will likely be a need for further testing in areas including latency and accessibility.

We would welcome any comments about what you see on the site, but for now I would encourage you browse and explore the new site to get a feel for what it offers. Enjoy it.

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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