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Deploy360 18 August 2017

RIPE NCC Hackathon Version 6

By Kevin Meynell Content and Resource Manager

The RIPE NCC will be holding its sixth Hackathon on 4-5 November 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and by no coincidence at all, will be focusing on IPv6. This will be part of Danish IPv6 Week that’s being hosted by DKNOG and sponsored by Comcast Cable, and which will also have Deploy360 involvement in the shape of our colleague Jan Žorž.

Hackathons are opportunities for network operators, coders and hackers to get together to develop new tools, as well as exchange knowledge and experience with others. Some possible projects for this hackathon include improving IPv6 measurements such as IPv6 RIPEness, improving the IXP Country Jedi tool. that compares traceroutes between IPv4 and IPv6, and developing tools to advance IPv6 deployment.

The RIPE NCC are specifically looking for UX and UI experts including graphic designer, developers familiar with Python, Node.js, Perl and Go, Internet measurement researchers, and network and hosting operators who have experience of deploying IPv6.

If you’re interested in participating, then you need to apply before 10 October 2017.

Travel funding of EUR 500 per person is also available to six participants, with preference given to applicants from “least developed countries”, those working for not-for-profit organisations, and those with previous contributions to free and open-source software and projects. Please note though, the deadline for applicants who require require funding is 9 September 2017.

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