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About Internet Society 26 April 2017

Stand for Leadership: The choice is yours

By Amelia YeoGuest Author

The world of today mostly buzzes with social media and hashtags. For a youth it’s a complicated dynamic world of Internet with tons and tons of messages and notifications that pop up every other minute, and where no Internet means no life. 

As a journalist, blogger, activist and a consultant, the Internet made me who I am and still I am exploring the possibilities of my virtue. Nothing was easy but the point is standing for change. 

I realized the power of Internet when I published a story in one of the citizen journalism sites, Ground Report, and it was picked up by Access Now and they launched an international campaign “Nepal Shutdown Showdown”.  

Man, I felt powerful!  

It was not only standing for change but I think it was more about standing for your rights and voicing what can be done. 

In 2011 with the revolution of social media we launched Internet activism in Nepal. Various campaigns against the political leaders were launched against the political deadlock. We used the available technology and network to create a solution for the frustration of what we believed in. The campaign created a ripple in the political hemisphere and we made our point.

The thing that changed my perspective most about the Internet was during the earthquake of 2015. It was massive and everything seemed doomed but the one thing that came to a rescue was the Internet. 

We took it on ourselves and started posting messages on our social media, and one after the other people showed their interest. Some gave away spare food, some with medical supplies, some with material and we helped people. That day I realized the importance of the Internet and how we could bridge the gaps of a changing world. 

Complaining about what was not happening was always part of life but being the change and touching the hearts of thousands of people was something special which was possible because of the Internet.   

That day the definition of the Internet changed. 

The Internet for me was not just possibilities but it stood as a helping hand; it was humanity for all those people.

Are you using the Internet to be the change and make an impact in your community? Nominate yourself or someone you know for the Internet Society’s 25 under 25 programme

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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