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Olaf Kolkman Speaking on Internet of Things (IoT) Security in DC and NY This Week

By Megan KruseFormer Director, Advocacy and Communications

Internet Society Chief Internet Technology Officer Olaf Kolkman will be speaking this week in both Washington, DC, and New York City on the Internet of Things (IoT), collaborative security, and our recent merger with the Online Trust Alliance. Two of the three events will be livestreamed and all have open registrations to attend in person.

Tuesday, 25 April: Washington, DC

At 12PM on Tuesday, The ISOC-DC Chapter will hold a panel discussion called, “Baked In: Can Policy Help Create Incentives in the Cybersecurity Marketplace?” You can watch the livestream of the event via that link, or attend in person by registering online here.

From the panel abstract: “The Internet has become critical infrastructure and 20 billion devices are expected to be connected by 2020. As the Internet grows, cyber threats have increased alarmingly in number and in scope, threatening every sector of the economy and society and defending the Internet against cyber attacks is one of the great challenges of our time. However, there is no consensus on how to build meaningful cybersecurity into our complex Internet ecosystem. Direct regulation has largely been rejected as too heavy-handed and damaging to innovation. Although there is a growing insurance market to cover the costs of cyber breaches, liability has not been applied to software vendors and has not taken root in the legal system even as industry standardization bodies move slowly in this direction. Existing incentive patterns make disclosure of breaches haphazard at best.

“Economic and business incentives, whether through industry self-regulation or government action, may be the most effective mechanism. Such incentives could reduce the risk faced by network and IT system security specialists. Our distinguished panelists will examine what incentives currently exist and what their impact has been, as well as the question of where incentives should emanate from: Industry self-regulation? Public-private partnerships? Government regulation? Or some combination of these? What would be the most effective strategy? Which are easy to put in place and which the most difficult?”

Olaf Kolkman will join panelists Tom Gann (McAfee), Jeff Greene (Symantec), and Aarti Soni (Marsh) along with moderator Ari Schwartz (Venable) for this interesting panel discussion.

Wednesday, 26 April: New York, NY

The ISOC-NY Chapter has arranged for Olaf to participate in two events in New York on Wednesday. At 2PM, the IoT Central meetup group will hold a “Roundtable with Olaf Kolkman (Chief Internet Technology Officer of ISOC).” You can register to attend at https://www.meetup.com/NYCIOT/events/239317463/. It will not be livestreamed.

From the description: “Join us in a special roundtable session with Olaf Kolkman, Chief Internet Technology Officer of ISOC in which he will discuss IoT & Internet Security and their recent merger with the Online Trust Alliance (OTA). As space is limited, this is open to the first 35 people who register.”

Then, at 6PM, the Internet of Things (IoT) NY Meet Up group will hold its monthly meeting on “Online Trust and Privacy by Design”. You can find more information at https://www.meetup.com/IoT-NY/events/239048967/. ISOC-NY is planning to livestream this event at https://livestream.com/internetsociety/iotny43.

Olaf will discuss online trust, collaborative security, and privacy by design in the context of IoT. He’ll also talk about the Internet Society’s recent merger with the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) in order to improve online trust, enhance data security, promote responsible privacy practices, and bolster the development and use of an open Internet.

We hope you’ll be able to watch or attend at least one of these events! You can read more about our views on IoT and download our overview of IoT security concerns at https://www.internetsociety.org/iot.

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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