We’re looking for young, dynamic people who are passionate about the opportunities the open Internet can bring! Thumbnail
Internet Governance 12 July 2016

We’re looking for young, dynamic people who are passionate about the opportunities the open Internet can bring!

Niel Harper
By Niel HarperFormer Director, Next Generation Leaders and Fellowships

We’re looking for young, dynamic individuals who are passionate about the opportunities the open Internet can bring!

What’s an IGF Ambassador?

Every year we send a group of dynamic and progressive next generation leaders to one of the world’s largest forums dedicated to a free and open Internet.

What’s The IGF?

The Internet Governance Forum (known to many as the IGF) is an annual United Nations event.

It’s the ultimate bridge builder where everyone – regardless of background – can work together to build solutions to pressing online issues like boosting access or building online trust.

There are no decisions by design. It is a place to build ideas can and share case studies of what’s worked and what hasn’t when it comes to solving issues impacting the Internet.

This year it takes place from 6 – 9th December in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

What Will I Do?

Ambassadors take part in the Forum itself, providing subject matter expertise and facilitating the exchange of information and best practices with key stakeholders participating in the meetings. In the lead up to the Forum, each Ambassador will be paired with a mentor to help them prepare for the meeting. They will also be engaged in the Internet Society’s planning activities for the organization’s work at the IGF.

Your views are critical. The Internet is currently facing a number of threats to its viability and evolution, and as such the need for local voices has never been stronger.

We will need you to take what you’ve learned back home and apply it to your work or studies.

We asked our 2015 IGF Ambassadors: What does the Internet mean to you?

Do I Qualify?

IGF Ambassadors are part of the Next Generation Leaders (NGL) programme, which focuses on building a unique and diverse community of the world’s most dynamic and exceptional young leaders. If you’re between the ages of 20 and 40 and passionate about the opportunities an open Internet can bring to people around the world, you already have a great foundation.

You could be a student, activist, hacktivist, technologist, entrepreneur, designer, blogger, social media expert, policymaker, every day user, or more.

Get a full list of criteria hereInterested in going? Apply Now

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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