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Norwegian Network Operators Group (NoNOG) is born

By Jan ŽoržFormer Operational Engagement Programme Manager

nix_logo-webThe Norwegian Internet community last week came together at the Norwegian Internet Exchange (NIX) meeting in Oslo. Whilst various topics were presented and discussed, we would like to highlight one topic particularly close to our hearts – namely the discussion about creating a Norwegian NOG group.

The proponents behind this asked the community whether it felt there was a need to create a NOG in Norway – and if this answer was yes, how to run, sustain and make it a success.

I had the honour and privilege of sharing a stage with RIPE Chairman Hans Petter Holen, who explained how RIPE, RIPE-NCC and regional RIPE meetings operated. I followed him by giving a presentation on the generic features, procedures and aims of existing NOGs around the world, followed by the example of how we created Slovenian NOG (SINOG), how we run it, how things works, what to do and especially what to avoid.

We also briefly discussed the currently pertinent issue of “NOG relations with governments” and our message was that whilst governments should not create and/or run NOGs, they are welcome to participate by send their experts to meetings. We also encourage government to recognise and endorse NOGs as stakeholders in the local (or regional) Internet ecosystem and use them as a resource when it comes to discussions on technical matters related to the Internet.
NIX meeting

A discussion followed our presentations where the community expressed strong consensus that Norway needs a NOG. We are therefore pleased to announce the birth of NoNOG!

From this there was further discussion on how the NOG should be implemented, and this led to the establishment of the NoNOG Programme Committee with NIX being asked to take on the administrative support. There was a strong feeling not to start with a defined structure such as a charter, but ask the  Programme Committee to put together a good agenda for the first NoNOG meeting that is proposed to be held in conjunction with a NIX meeting. From there a decision will be made whether to continue and if the group needs to be chartered.

Jan Žorž

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