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Events 17 July 2015

ISOC @ CommunicAsia – Asia’s largest ICT event

In June, the Internet Society shared a booth with the regional Internet community (APIA, APNIC and dotAsia) over four days in Singapore at Asia’s largest integrated ICT event – CommunicAsia 2015.

CommunicAsia2015 – hosted by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and the Media Development Authority (MDA) – was held concurrently with EnterpriseIT2015, BroadcastAsia2015, CommunicAsia2015 Summit, BroadcastAsia2015 International Conference, Creative Content Production Conference 2015 and, imbX Ministerial Forum on ICT.    This was the 26th edition for CommunicAsia, 20th edition for BroadcastAsia and, 12th edition of EnterpriseIT. The theme this year was, “Defining what’s shaping the future of the global ICT world”.

We were in good company with over 1,800 exhibitors from 56 countries and regions, some of which exhibited at the 35 group pavilions–this included the US, Canada, Australia, and Germany.  Some 34,715 visitors (50% from overseas) should have passed our booth at some time or another over the four days.

Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information launched the show which was also attended by delegations from intergovernmental and international organisations. Ministers from Asia-Pacific countries at the event included those from Japan, Mauritius, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

A  host of innovations and emerging technologies on transportation, infrastructure, healthcare, education, logistics and energy consumption were showcased at CommunicAsia. Attendees were able to see how innovations in 5G, big data, cyber security, mobility, cloud, smart devices, wireless technologies and over-the-top (OTT) were able to empower smart enterprises,  improve their bottom line and increase efficiency. Major launches were made by MNCs in the Smart, 4K, mobile surveillance and Internet of things (IoT) arena.

BroadcastAsia2015 addressed the new TV Everywhere giving visitors access to latest OTT solutions available in the non-linear broadcasting value-chain.  SatComm2015 saw over 170 exhibitors showcasing the latest in network agility and communication services.

Conferences at the megashow were equally busy with the CommunicAsia2015 Summit addressing the current state of the ICT industry with 12 tracks and three workshops.BroadcastAsia2015 had eight tracks and two workshops and provided insight into OTT expansion, viewer analytics, 4K encoding and transmission technology, cloud broadcasting, network virtualisation and IP-based platforms. Creative Content Production Conference 2015 enabled participants to share experiences and best practices.

The 10th imbX Ministerial Forum on ICT with the theme “Smart Nation: Harnessing Opportunities, Addressing Challenges” saw the largest turnout thus far, with 26 Heads of Delegation. The Internet Society’s Regional Director for Asia-Pacific, Rajnesh Singh, participated in the High-Level Dialogue on Smart Nations at the Ministerial Forum.

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Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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