Deploy360 19 February 2015

Free DNSSEC Webinar Today From BT Diamond IP At Noon US Eastern

By Dan YorkDirector, Internet Technology

BTIf you are interested in learning more about DNSSEC and DANE, you can join in to a free webinar today that BT Diamond IP is holding at 12 noon US Eastern (a bit over an hour from now).  You can sign up at:

It’s free of cost but in signing up you do provide your contact information to BT.  If you can’t view it live at noon today by signing up you will be able to view the recording and also download the slides.

Tim Rooney at BT Diamond IP asked me if I would participate and I’m glad to do so.  I’ll be giving an overview of DNS and DNSSEC, talking about DANE and giving an overview of the DNSSEC resources we have to offer here at Deploy360.  Tim will be doing a deeper dive into some of the security topics, discussing the DNSSEC Survey they recently completed and briefly touching on a couple of BT solutions in this space.  We’ll end with a question and answer period where people can ask us questions.

As with any webinar or event from a commercial vendor, we’re always a bit careful to note that we are not necessarily endorsing or promoting the products from that vendor.  BT Diamond IP is one of many vendors who provide products and solutions that help companies with DNSSEC (and also IPv6).  They happened to ask me to participate and I’m glad to do so to explain how DNSSEC works and how it and DANE can make the Internet more secure.  I’m also glad to participate in webinars for other vendors, too.

I like the set of slides that Tim and I have put together and I think this should be a very useful and educational session!  Please do join us if you are looking to learn more about DNSSEC and DANE!

P.S. And please visit our Start Here page to learn how you can begin with DNSSEC today!

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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