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Deploy360 19 December 2014

Norway's .NO Passes 22,000 DNSSEC-signed Domains

Dan York
By Dan YorkDirector, Web Strategy & Project Lead, Open Standards Everywhere

It’s fun watching on Twitter as Norway’s .NO grows in the number of DNSSEC-signed second-level domains. Norid’s Unni Solås tweeted out today that they had passed 22,794 signed .NO domains – and also provided an explanation for this ongoing growth:

Congrats to the Norid team – it’s great to see the growth… you may recall that only a week ago we wrote about .NO crossing the 5,000 signed domain mark!  Quite a good increase in the space of only a week! Given that Norid’s main page states there are 650,211 .NO domains in total, this brings them to about 3.5% of all .NO domains being signed with DNSSEC.   Not a bad start for a newly signed domain.

Norid has also published its “DNSSEC Policy and Practice Statement (DPS)” that outlines their policies and procedures.  We’ve added that to our list of DPS documents that can be found at:

If you are with a top-level domain, or even with an enterprise seeking to sign your own domain(s), these DPS documents can be useful to understand the degree of security that some TLDs are undertaking.

Congrats again to the Norid team and we’ll look forward to seeing their continued growth!

P.S. If you want to sign your domain with DNSSEC or enable DNSSEC validation on your network, please visit our Start Here page to find resources aimed at your type of organization or role.

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