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Internet Governance 6 November 2012

What happened last night

Kris Seeburn
By Kris SeeburnGuest Author

Well guys believe it or not, last night we had quite an interesting and relaxed session in the old city where we could meet the internet community again. This time is a relaxed environment and we cntinued some more interesting talks about other areas and meeting other experts in the field. It is always nice to actually discuss in a more relaxed environment about the same interesting issues. The background politics the key nervous issues 🙂 as well. Whislt there was a parallel Google party going on. It was really time to dress down and network further. ISOC has proven to be the platform to make things happen.

Whilst working and burning our grey matter did matter to dress down and relax and make new friends was also important. But the discussions were more profound and firendly as we never really all of us have the same views and expressions. So the time to convince ourselves and others what’s really right what is wrong and things you do not know and that you need to know.

Internet and Governance as we know it takes a different leap into the future but we are here to discuss and as this IGF precedes the WCIT again the discussion is somehow chanelled in the same direction.

I wonder whether the community at large recognise what and why we are here. Governance matters and governance give way for transparency in all terms but we do need to have open transparent discussions as well. One thing to remember is that internet has really brought about the global economy perspectives and our collaboration and support to such a community and being here as Ambassadors is really a priviledge that is unique.

Time and again this is a great experience already with our peers in the IGF – ISOC amabassadorship. I am just right now talking to a new contact from India – Chinmayi whom i’ve just convinced to Join ISOC and she did so and is now a global member and she would be enjoying the exchanges from ISOC. I do hope she will be a very influential member of ISOC since she teaches Law and is part of the Centre for Internet and Society.

Great things happening as i sit in the main conference site waiting for the opening ceremomnial. During the day am scheduled to help in the ISOC booth and am looking forward to discussing ISOC with more people.


Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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