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Internet Governance 8 November 2012

ISOC booth at Baku – Expo Centre – Experience

Kris Seeburn
By Kris SeeburnGuest Author

Well, well…potential future Ambassadors of IGF.

Sincerely working and doing a One hour minimum at the ISOC booth at first shot sounds pretty much annoying and takes a lot of time. But sincerely you would still kill another hour just by doing nothing. The human feeling and exchange factors in between so many people coming and going across. The contacts you make and the feeling is an extraordinary one. I really much like to come back and spend some time on the booth since you get to meet your friends from around the world and the potential of talking about Internet Society.

It is all about what you want to really preach. I’ve personally always been a big supporter of “internet for all” and this really boils down to bringing that passion to others. Bring your passion with you and make that nity grity bit the one word difference in experience.

The picture of the ISOC booth today was for me interesting because the guy responsible of the IGF program was discussion with a potential ISOC member and who will eventually be creating a chapter in Afganistan. That would really make a difference and to know how this country has gone through so much and this initiative would surely work into the very essence of the “Internet for everyone”.

Volunteering and giving such passion away is a mut to achieve the open internet for all. Nothing is greated initially with the success you may want. The booth experience certainly opens persepctives for a future 🙂 (LOL)

The booth is a stopover that is very important for anyone coming over….by the way you get some nice stuffs as well to take back. Not only do you get back experience of meeting others but also the feeling of contribution.

Why not!!! Its normal – Any communication person will tell you that the essence of any communication is being able to talk and exchange without being judgemental of anyone. But seriously mate it is a wonderful experience alltogether.

I urge anyone reading this blog to see the experience of being part of the great team from ISOC and certinaly NIEL Harper 🙂 – A big thanks to you and in your support of the program and him making it a remembrance program. Not only do we see and participate in great discussions but also “Fraternity” and leadership.

Tomorrow will mark the end of the weeklong meeting and i just could not stop myself from saying anything. The world used to be small for people who travel but it is even smaller for people who use the Internet.

Great time and i honestly do not regret any minute of this IGF. It makes a lot of difference and helps realy much the people to develop what you get back home. If you did not any different or future perspective then seriously you were not present.

To all .. i wish the best and lots of courage to my colleagues and friends of ISOC and the community at large for this excellent opporunity.


Believe in internet for everyone….

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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