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Internet Governance 10 November 2012

Do you remember we met yesterday :)

Kris Seeburn
By Kris SeeburnGuest Author

Yep, the question is do you remember we met yesterday?

Human relationships can be quite complicated when it comes to getting people very close. This IGF Ambassaodrship has been quite something on its own. I still remmeber i got in on Sunday evening and met a few people who i never met before but exchanged a few emails with. Time and again at this point am at the Baku Airport having a thought of how this week and i can but just say it flew by so fast and it was very intense. I am at this point even wondering that it made sense to just leave and being able to say goodbye to a few.

Sometimes you wonder how relationships are really complicated but yet quite easy if you want things to happen. One can only judge his/her own approach in this whole thing. This five days or should i say few evenings as amabassadors we’ve mingled woth many people, networked and achieved what many would eventually take years to sit down and achieve across the life. To Nabil our thoughtful friend who despite being amazed with so many celebritities of the internet world has come to terms with them and am sure will have a framed edition of picture him and vint with his ortograhed card. Nabil my friend A+ for you. We’ve been able to network and become quite close friends although people you would note that we do not always accept people readily into our courtyard. But for me this year has been someting exceptional. Am not sure that i will be ever returning ambassador again but believe me with all and everything. It is a wonderful programme to really go for.

And please if anyone else is seriously reading this blog please ensure you really make the most of this programme if you apply and get it. You are literally transfered into a complete world. But again it depends what you want to achieve.

IGF is a great platform because you would see all the pioneers of internet and also those working to achieve the great things that the internet can bring to you.  It is also fun and i have to admit the staff from ISOC are also great people as well and Toral and Neil have been great in this adventure and guys keep the spirit it can only improve. Nothing is perfect but perfection is achieved over time.

I take this opporunity to share my feelings with all in how warm and enjoyable the whole experience in Azerbaijan has been and not the less memorable in all terms and those of you who would recognise the discussion… no we did not have “Boom Boom” 🙂  but as someone i met very shortly said TMI “Too much information” is sometimes a bit too much. I will keep it short then :  Love all of you and thanks again for this great opportunity.

PAUL, NABIL, ROXANA & ULCHAR – Here’s to the best last moments. 🙂 Dedicated to all.

Inshallah we shall meet again.


Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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