Deploy360 29 August 2012

Video: 4 Days of World IPv6 Launch Statistics in 165 Seconds

By Dan YorkDirector, Internet Technology

The good folks over at RIPE NCC recently published a video showing 4 days of IPv6 connectivity statistics in under 3 minutes. RIPE NCC’s Rene Wilhem goes into great detail in the companion blog post about how they measured the 60 sites included in the survey and some of their observations. As you start watching the video, it is June 4, 2012, and a number of sites have not yet enabled IPv6. As June 6 (World IPv6 Launch) approaches, you see more sites going “green” and as the video continues you see more and more sites having good IPv6 connectivity:

It’s interesting to note some of the ongoing connectivity issues, particularly from one of the observation points. Rene Wilhelm highlights these trends:

  • Most of the HTTP failures (red cells) are clustered in a few rows and columns. This indicates the majority of problems occurred at the edge of the network, close to a small number of participating websites and vantage points.
  • From the evening of 4 June onwards, no single participant or vantage point shows 100% failures for a prolonged time. Apart from the occasional short lived incident, every site and vantage point had at least some partial success with HTTP over IPv6.
  • Generally, things improve over time. Significantly fewer HTTP failures are seen towards the end of the movie

It’s great to see these kind of measurements coming out of RIPE NCC and we definitely appreciate the visualization, too. The RIPE NCC blog post goes into further detail and is well worth a read. Kudos to the RIPE NCC team for undertaking these measurements – and reporting – as it is definitely a help to all of us!

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