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IPv6 20 March 2012

UNH-IOL Hosting IPv6 Test Event for Home Routers on April 16-20, 2012

By Dan YorkDirector, Internet Technology

The UNH InterOperability Laboratory (IOL) announced this week that they will be holding an IPv6 “Test Event” for home routers on April 16-20, 2012, at their facility in Durham, New Hampshire, USA. This will be an excellent way for consumer electronics manufacturers to test whether their home routers/gateways will be ready to support IPv6 connectivity that will be available with the upcoming World IPv6 Launch on June 6, 2012.  As noted in the UNH-IOL news release:

The UNH-IOL will verify IPv6 functionality for home gateway equipment for World IPv6 Launch. To be added to the World IPv6 Launch list of participating home gateway vendors, companies will need to enable IPv6 ‘on by default’ through their range of home router products and will need to have a product that has completed the IPv6 Ready CE Router (CPE) Interoperability Test Scenario (PDF) at the UNH-IOL. When a company’s device appears on the UNH-IOL CE Router Tested List, in the table that indicates the device performed all the test cases, the company should complete the Registration Form for Home Gateway Routers. ISOC will then add the company to the list of home gateway vendors participating in World IPv6 Launch.

More information about the UNH-IOL IPv6 test event and how to participate can be found at:


The deadline to register is Monday, April 9th!

If you are a vendor of a home router / home gateway, this event will provide an excellent opportunity to test your IPv6 implementation in a confidential environment where vendors work with each other and UNH-IOL staff to test their interoperability and improve their IPv6 support.

It is great that UNH-IOL is hosting this event and we look forward to seeing the list of home router vendors supporting IPv6 grow by World IPv6 Launch!

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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