Craig Spiezle

Craig Spiezle

Former Strategic Advisor

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Craig was the Executive Director, Founder & President of the Online Trust Alliance prior to its merger with the Internet Society.

Latest posts

Building Trust 5 December 2017

Will Uber Drive Us to Federal Breach Legislation ?

The past six months we have witnessed an un-paralleled level of questionable business practices resulting from data breaches.  As...

Building Trust 30 August 2017

CAN-SPAM – Looking Ahead & Looking Global

This week OTA / the Internet Society joined nearly 90 individuals and organizations submitting comments in response to the US Federal...

Building Trust 5 June 2017

Whitelisting Ads Vs. Scorched Earth: What’s The Best Approach?

By some accounts, there are more than 200 variants of ad-blocking solutions, many of which utilize whitelisting that allows...

Building Trust 5 April 2017

A New Chapter for OTA (and Me)

I would like to share exciting news.  Today OTA has announced it has joined forces with the Internet Society (ISOC) and will...

Internet of Things (IoT) 13 March 2017

OTA Response to NTIA IoT Green Paper

Today the OTA responded to the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) request for comments on the IoT Green Paper.  The DOC plays...

Internet of Things (IoT) 15 November 2016

IoT Threats – What we can do today and tomorrow

See Related Readings – Vision for Trust The rapid rise in the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought forth...

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