Vassilis Chryssos

Vassilis Chryssos

Co-founder and Administrator,

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Vassilis Chryssos, MSc in Production Engineering & Management and MSc Quality Control & Environmental Management, has a rich experience in Project Management and Community Building. For the past 5 years he has been working with free/open source software and open technologies as a consultant and as community building officer in collaboration with NGOs such as Medicines Sans Frontieres and Greek Free/Open Source Society (GFOSS). He has been volunteering in social and development aid groups since 2000, as a project manager and environmental expert. He has organized and participated as instructor in many training workshops in computer usage skills building.

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Building a Sustainable Community Network in Sarantaporo Greece Thumbnail
Community Networks 10 February 2018

Building a Sustainable Community Network in Sarantaporo Greece

For over a year now we in the Non Profit Organization have been in contact with Internet Society...

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