Enabling Sustainable Technical Communities

Local technical communities create, sustain, and defend a stronger, more resilient Internet.

Without trust and collaboration between those who build and maintain the Internet, everyone’s Internet is weakened. This is why we’re dedicated to growing communities to build infrastructure, increase the Internet’s security, and create more resilient networks.

We all rely on technical communities to provide a reliable and affordable connection to the Internet. The Internet can grow when there is a strong technical community who works well together and maintains the infrastructure that connects us. 

Resources and Tools for Starting a Technical Community

Technical communities are our best partners to create a global movement of experts working together to build a stronger and more resilient Internet. You can start your own group to share best practices, get training, and collaborate to co-create solutions to local technical challenges. Find some tools and resources on how to build and maintain a technical community.

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Growing the Internet

People help the Internet thrive. Here’s what we’re doing to support them:

  • Providing technical expertise and training sessions to people on the ground
  • Providing the information people need, from governance to administrative operations, to become even better Internet champions
  • Helping to establish new technical communities so that everyone can benefit from resilient Internet infrastructure

Get Involved 

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Organize an Event

Apply for funding to help you plan and execute your technical event.

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Read about Our Partnerships

By working together, we can grow the Internet for everyone.

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Take a Course

Learn the fundamentals of Network Operations and Local Area Networks.

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