Protecting the Internet against Fragmentation

A shattered Internet is not the Internet. We believe in a unified, open, global Internet that everyone in the world is able to access and benefit from. We work to defend the Internet against decisions that could fragment it.

The Internet is a great force for good. It creates virtually infinite opportunities for everyone who uses it. Yet, governments and businesses across the world are increasingly making risky decisions that have the potential to adversely impact the open, global Internet—and they may not even realize it.

Our vision is for an Internet that is more global in the future, not less. Where more people have access to this vital resource regardless of their geography. To achieve this, we urgently need to protect and defend the Internet from splintering into isolated networks that may not be able to connect or interoperate with one another efficiently. We defend the Internet against the most pressing threats that could disrupt the fundamental properties the Internet needs to exist and thrive.

We need everyone to defend the Internet from shattering.

The Internet is for everyone. It is the people’s medium.

Policies and decisions that threaten to fragment the Internet must be resisted. The Internet is ours.

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Strengthening the Internet 

We strengthen the Internet by:

  • Educating policymakers and decision-makers about the importance of the open, global Internet
  • Working with advocates everywhere to speak up against Internet fragmentation
  • Building a public narrative on the necessity to preserve the open, interoperable Internet
  • Growing a network of organizations and businesses to promote and defend the Internet

Get Involved 

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Understanding Internet Fragmentation

Internet fragmentation affects all of us. Learn the different ways it’s breaking the Internet.

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Learn about What the Internet Needs to Exist and Thrive

Access a practical tool that helps us assess whether a policy or decision could impact the Internet.

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Flag a Threat

See a policy or decision that could impact the open, global Internet? Let us know.

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Get in Touch

Contact our team to learn more about how we can protect the Internet from fragmenting.

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