Trustee Payment Disclosure Policy

As adopted by Board Resolution 2017-15 on 24 May 2017.

The Internet Society’s Conflict of Interest Policy and Board and Officer Code of Ethics demonstrate the commitment of the Board of Trustees to observing the highest ethical standards, complying with all applicable laws, and maintaining ISOC’s reputation as a respected corporate citizen.

As an additional commitment to transparent governance, members of the board also agree to disclose payments, reimbursements or expense sponsorships (“funding”) from the Internet Society for any activity that is not directly related to attending meetings of the board.

Any Trustee receiving such unrelated funding from the Internet Society shall disclose to the board, via email, the type of funding (e.g. reimbursement for travel and accommodation to speak at a conference as an ISOC Trustee) and the rationale for funding (e.g.  expert knowledge of the conference subject matter) at the time he or she requests funding.

Trustees need not disclose expense sponsorship for activities with nominal value, such as attendance at an ISOC dinner or reception which is co-located with a conference the Trustee is attending at his or her own expense.