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Stand Together For An Open Internet AT IGF 2014

The 2014 Internet Governance Forum.

The the 2014 Internet Governance Forum took place at a critical time and it’s clear that our fundamental goal - a world where everyone can access and develop a connected, borderless, permission-less, limitless Internet that creates opportunity and progress for all – is more urgent than ever.

But great challenges can generate great opportunities – and you can be a part of the solution.  

As we head towards João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil the focus shifts towards national and regional IGFs to continue building on ideas and best practices and put them to work. 

Meet our Ambassadors to the Internet Governance Forum



The IGF and You

The IGF is a global conference that allows anyone to participate and have their say on the future of the Internet.

It began over 8 years ago and is unique in its ability to build relationships and allow participants – both on the ground and remotely – to share ideas and experiences about what’s worked when it comes to key policy or technical issues related to the Internet in their business, cities, towns, or countries.

The 2014 IGF served as the first of its kind to feature Best Practice Forums that help develop tangible solutions to some of the most difficult challenges we face when it comes to the Internet today.

Find out more about when and where your National or Regional IGF is taking place.

IGF Blog

  • After many months of hard work and preparation, last week’s IGF 2014 proved to be an extremely productive one. Building on a busy and compelling agenda, the community was united in its willingness to address concrete issues, with a view to work towards tangible solutions.  

    Internet Society CEO Kathy Brown, in her remarks at the opening ceremony, outlined four clear calls to action: 1) demonstrate that the IGF is essential to the future of the Internet; 2) strengthen the IGF by producing tangible results; 3) be fearless in tackling the tough, important issues; and 4) ensure the...

    Date published 09 September 2014

  • The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) has dedicated much of today's discussions to the linkages between Internet governance and the growth and development of the Internet. I participated in the main morning session with an impressive range of experts from government, industry, the technology community and civil society to exchange views and experiences about how public policies promote global expansion of the Internet, broader, more inclusive access, and empowerment of societies and individuals worldwide. These are issues that have carried high priority for the Internet Society since its...

    Date published 03 September 2014

  • Is the Internet more important than clean water supply or transport infrastructure? These and other specific concerns were raised at the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) roundtable, where stakeholders from Pacific and Carribean countries gathered to discuss barriers to connectivity in countries with very limited resources.

    One fundamental challenge is prioritisation. As island nations confront the looming perils of climate change while still trying to overcome longstanding problems--lack of safe drinking water, electricity, proper sewage treatment--Internet connectivity may...

    Date published 03 September 2014

  • By Lyman Chapin, Interisle Consulting Group Founder and Principal, and Sally Wentworth, Internet Society Vice President, Global Policy Development

    This week at the IGF, many discussions will focus on how to develop Internet public policies in a wide range of areas in support of an “open Internet.” Janis Karklins, chair of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), answers his own question about why so many people are coming to Istanbul: "The answer is clear,” he states, “all of these stakeholders care about maintaining a free, open,...

    Date published 03 September 2014

  • Establishment Over

    So we have now moved on from the early establishment phase and the NTIA IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group – better known as the ICG – have started to tackle some of the difficult topics on its plate. At the time of writing significant progress has been made on some topics while others are still evolving. In this piece I will give an overview of that progress and point to where work is continuing.

    Thankfully now, the charter for the group has been agreed, and I want to thank the many people across the Internet Society community who commented on the...

    Date published 02 September 2014