Internet Society Projects and Programmes

  • Accessibility Toolkit category image

    Accessibility Toolkit

    The Accessibility Toolkit Project shines a light how people with disability use the Internet, the barriers they encounter and the solutions through national, regional and global policies and programs.

  • Collaborative Governance category image

    Collaborative Governance

    The project mission is: to expand the global knowledge and use of collaborative governance processes to solve problems and develop norms.

  • Enabling Access category image

    Enabling Access

    This initiative focuses on enabling access to the Internet by addressing the fundamental impediments to Internet growth and usability.

  • Wireless For Communities category image

    Wireless For Communities

    Wireless for Communities (W4C) is an award-winning programme initiated in 2010 by the Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau. The W4C programme provides last mile connectivity to rural and remote areas of the Asia-Pacific using wireless technologies.